Warrior Pandora

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Ever felt the loneliness that comes with being an outcast?... No I'm not talking about being 'the different child' in school... This is much more intense and serious. Let me explain.

My name is Kallisto Diona Glamero, or should I say Princess Callisto Glamero or more importantly; Queen Kallista Diona Glamero of The Warrior Lands. I am 19 years old going on twenty. My parents are the rulers of Greywood Kingdom. My family consists of 4 children including myself and mother and father. I am the oldest. Then comes my younger step-brother Seth, then my twin step-sisters, Angela and Ashley.

Seth has pitch black hair that reaches past his ears. And has dark blue eyes. He has well-defined muscles, strong jaw, straight nose, tanned skin and plump lips. Every girls dream... well every girl in this kingdom anyway. He's 18 years old just recently, therefore looking for a wife.

Angela and Ashley are both 16 and a half. They look like feminine versions of Seth actually, except their hair is longer, just past their shoulders'. They all take after my step-mother, their true mother, Gwineth.

You see, I was born from a different mother. Oh how I loved her. But she 'died' when I was only 5 years old. I know the truth though, there was no sickness. Not long after (not even a month) my father married Gwineth. She was his mistress. My father was and is a monster and Gwineth is his female version.

Anyway, everyone there is pompus and rude. Everyone here is nice in your presence but venomous behind your back. Everyone is trying to get married to, Seth, so they could become queen and rule all of the land! Blegh. They're all wholly inappropriate in how they act and dress. It makes me physically sick. Not that it matters what I think. They treated me like scum on the street. You see, I am different from everyone else. I stick out like no other is ever meant to. Almost seen as an abomination. Every person's hair in the whole land is pitch black. Mine is far from it.

I had left home at the age of 6, yes very young I know. And travelled to the 'Warrior's Land'. For years I trained. Working just as hard, if not harder than my fellow male warriors. In the beginning, they didn't agree with a woman fighting, but when they saw me and heard of my gifts, they immediately agreed and encouraged me. I have become the best that the Land has produced since... ever.

You're probably wondering, 'How would know all this about your kingdom, if you were not there? Well, I have been watching. I have been waiting. So now, after nearly 14 years, I am returning to my kingdom with my men. I am taking my kingdom back from the filthy hands of my father and his poisoned wife and unfaithfully concieved children. And will cleanse the diseased land that I once called home, making it pure once more...

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Heya! I know I'm starting a new story with the other story still going. I'm going to take a small step from that one and update whenever people actually start reading my work. I know there is a particular reader that keeps reading, voting and commenting on my work (you know who you are) and I am SO grateful. This story has already planted a plan in my head so I'm going ahead with it.

Let me know what you think PLEASE!! I'm going to upload the first chapter and then I'm only updating whenever I get the right amount of feedback. Thanks again! Enjoy! :D:D

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