026; real life

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y'all are about to hate me but it's passed 3am and my brain said this is what was gonna be written so idk i don't have a good excuse for this 3000+ garbage pile


Awsten is trying to figure out what to do.  It's getting closer and closer to the time he would have to leave to get to Emily's by seven and he's trying to figure out a way to avoid it without Emily making good on her threat.  Moreover, he doubts Geoff would be willing to just let him leave the house, and the twins are still awake so Awsten feels horrible leaving them even though he knows Geoff is perfectly capable of taking care of them. He's stuck, knowing that he shouldn't go but not going has consequences he'd rather not deal with.

He goes over it in his head, trying to figure out to do before what seems like the most obvious solution pops into his head.  He just has to convince Geoff.

He hurries off to where Geoff is busying himself with cooking, despite the fact that Awsten had said he could make dinner.  Geoff insisted Awsten get rest instead.

"Thought you were gonna get a nap," Geoff comments as Awsten rushes into the kitchen.

"I need...I gotta talk to you," he says hesitantly, his eyes briefly darting over to where the twins are sat closely together at the table each coloring a page in a coloring book a fan had made for them.

"Okay," Geoff is clearly hesitant, putting a lid over the pot of water he's boiling for pasta.  The pair don't go far, not wanting to leave the twins alone.  "What's going on?"

"I gotta go out again," Awsten tells him, giving a look that makes it clear what he means by out.  "She has...she took some pictures of me while I was passed out and if I don't go over there she's gonna put the pictures out.  I'm gonna go over there and, if she leaves her phone alone at all, I'm gonna take it and delete the pictures and this'll all be done for."

"Or you could just go to the police," Geoff suggests, hoping Awsten will go with this instead.

"I do that, she puts the pictures out...besides, I couldn't...how would I get through a whole trial right now?  Can barely get outta fuckin' bed in the morning.  A trial is gonna be public and painful and...too much.  I'm at my limit here.  Just going and deleting the pictures is the easiest way to get through this right now," Awsten tries to reason, knowing from the look Geoff gives him that he's still not quite sold on the idea. "If this is how she is with no one else involved, what kinda shit do you think she'd pull if we brought the cops into it?"

Geoff hesitates a moment, not wanting to think about it. Unless Emily was actually held in custody, there's a chance that she could do something worse than what she's already done as payback for it. Geoff's mind briefly flashes back to a comment Elijah had made. If she can't have Awsten, no one can.

"Gonna text Elijah and ask him to meet you there—" Geoff starts off, only to be cut off.

"No," Awsten dismisses, shaking his head, "I'm not putting him in that position. And if I did, what do you think she'd do? It's not...it's not him she wants. If he's there, she'll just get pissed and probably do something terrible. I'm not putting him in danger like that."

"Awsten, you need to think this through," Geoff pushes, "you're gonna get hurt."

"I've thought it through.  There's no way around getting hurt," Awsten mumbles with a shrug, "if I go to the police, she'll just put the photos out and probably do something worse too if she's not held in custody, which there's no guarantee she will be.  If I just don't show up, she puts the photos out.  If I go but take someone with me, she puts the photos out and probably finds a way to hurt whoever I take with me. I gotta go alone. I can do this."

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