Daddy's Little Girl (A Tyler Seguin Story)

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So this is my new Segin Story. I wanted to try something new with him and this popped in my head. I hope you like it it's a lot of fun writing it. Please check out my external links for outfits, pictures, etc. I'll let you know when to check them out. So check it out for this chapter!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

“Mr. Seguin she’s your daughter.” The doctor told me as I sat in the hospital waiting room.

“No she can’t be that means I was 16 when it happened. Kara and I broke up after that.” I explained shocked that I had a daughter.

“Mr. Seguin we’ve run the test 3 times she is your daughter and her mother named you with sole custody.” The doctor said.

“Can I see her?” I asked.

“Room 303.” He answered.

 I walked down the long hallway until I reached the door. I looked at it before I opened the door. How come Kara never told me she was pregnant? She knew I would’ve helped her with everything but I have to find out this way I have a four year old daughter named Dylan.

“Mommy?” Dylan asked as I opened the door.

“No I’m Daddy.” I answered.

“I want Mommy!” she yelled.

“Sweetie mommy isn’t here.” I told her.

“Where is she?” she asked.

Oh God how was I going to tell her. “Dylan Mommy is with angels up above.” I answered.

“Angels?” she asked sounding confused.

“They are these people who have wings that watch over us.” I explained walking closer to her.

“Mommy’s one of them?” she asked.

“Yeah and right now she’s watching us.” I explained.

I was able the next day to take Dylan home to live with me. I had my friend, Rory, run out and get some stuff for my apartment.

“Daddy where are we going?” Dylan asked as she finished getting dressed.

“We are going to my house.” I answered putting her coat on.

“Am I going to live there?” she asked as I zippered her coat and put her hat on.

“Yeah.” I answered picking her up.

I ran out last night to get a car seat for her and we drove to my apartment building. We arrived and I got Dylan out and lead her to my apartment.

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