[Jikook] You Left Us but I Still Love You[2/2]

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Author's PoV


Minjung looked up from his phone to see his father, the guy who left him and his mother. What made him more mad is that his mother who is unconscious is in his arms.
"What are you doing here?" Minjung asked him trying not to sound annoyed.
"Uhmm.. I just decided to take your Mom home because he fainted in his work" Jimin said while giving Minjung an awkward smile. Minjung looked at his Mom and decided it would be best if he slept in a bed.
"Okay, I'll show you his room" Minjung said and let Jimin walk inside.

Jimin carefully put Jungkook in his bed while Minjung watched his every move. After putting Jungkook in his bed, he covered him with the blanket and looked at Minjung.
"Uhmm..Minjung can we talk?" Jimin said and Minjung looked hesitant but still nodded.

"So, what do you want to talk about?" Minjung asked looking at Jimin with confused eyes.
"About what happened for the past years" Jimin said and Minjung nodded for him to continue.
"Okay, ask me questions" Jimin continued.

(Jimin-Bold, Minjung-Italized)

"What happened to Mom?"
"Uhmm.. Do you know about his work?"
"Okay, so the story is that I was gonna have a night with him but that was stopped because he remembered me and then he started hitting me and he maybe got tired and then fainted"
"Mom doesn't want his job"
"But why does he chose this if he didn't want it?"
"Because he couldn't find any job and the only option was this"
"But how did you know he doesn't want his job"
"Because I always see him tear stained and his face will be full of bruises and sometimes little bits of blood"
"What!?! He should quit if that always happen"
"He doesn't want to because its the only work that can make us enough money for my school and food bills"
"Why didn't you call me?"
"You wouldn't answer, Mom has always called you but nothing"
"I'm sorry"
"But why did you leave me and Mom"
"It's because my father doesn't agree of our relationship and he threatened to kill your Mom if I didn't leave you two alone"
"So, grandpa was the reason you left us?"
"Yes, he was the reason"
"Who was the girl Mom said you left with?"
"She was the girl Dad wanted me to marry but I didn't marry her because she is a spoiled brat"
"But do you still want Mom back?"
"Yes, but I don't know if he still loves me"
"Of course he still loves you, I always hear him cry every night and I wanted to comfort him"
"Why didn't you comfort him"
"Because he thinks I hate him"
"Why does he think you hate him"
"Because I act cold towards him"
"Oh okay"

Their conversation ended when a groan was heard.
"Jungie?" A voice said. The two looked back to see Jungkook clutching his head.
"Jimin!?! What are you doing here, Leave!" Jungkook said and pointed towards the door. Jimin stood up but Minjung stopped him. Jimin looked at Minjung while he gave a wink.
"Mom wait! He wants something to say" Minjung asaid and pushed Jimin closer to Jungkook.
"What is it? Talk" Jungkook said crossing his arms.
"I wanted to say sorry" Jimin said looking down. "What did I say about your sorry?" Jungkook said raising one of his brows.

"Dad tell him the whole story" Minjung said nudging Jimin in the side. Jimin told the whole story to Jungkook who got emotional.
"R-really? So, Mr Park was the reason you left us?" Jungkook said and Jimin nodded. He hugged him while Jimin hugged back.
"I'm sorry I didn't let you explain, I'm an idiot" Jungkook said and cried on Jimin's shoulder. Jimin cupped Jungkook's face and made him look at his eyes.
"You're not an idiot baby, it's my fault for getting scared of a stupid threat" Jimin said comforting Jungkook.

"Mom, I'm also sorry" Minjung suddenly talked.
"For what?" Jungkook asked looking at Minjung with confused eyes.
"For acting cold towards you" Minjung said fiddling with his fingers which is a habit he got from Jungkook when he's nervous. Jungkook stood on his tiptoes since his son is taller than him and hugged Minjung.
"It's okay baby, I understand but don't do it again" Jungkook said and pull out of the hug.

Jimin cleared his throat and pointed towards his cheek.
"My kiss?" Jimin said and Jungkook kissed his cheeks while giggling afterwards.
"Eww..PDA go away" Minjung said with a smile.
"I bet you do this to your girlfriend" Jimin said while Minjung blushed and hit him.
"You have a girlfriend and you didn't tell me!?!" Jungkook said.
"No I don't have anyone! Dad is just joking, right?" Minjung said giving Jimin a glare but he just chuckled. They all teased eachother and talked about the things they did.

4 years later...

"Minjung help me clean this!" Jimin shouted to his son.
"Why!?!" Minjung whined.
"Because I can't work cause of this belly" Jungkook said holding onto his 7 months old belly.
"Aish, this is you fault Dad" Minjung said looking at the latter.
"Why is it my fault?" Jimin said with a frown.
"Because I told you I didn't want any siblings but you still got Mom pregnant" Minjung continued to whine while Jungkook giggled watching his family whine back and forth.

Minjung(You Left Us but I Still Love You, Jikook's son)

Min- JiMIN

Jung- JUNGkook

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