Chapter 1

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You’ve been living in the ruins for three days now with Asgore. He was a funny and sweet guy with a big heart. “(Y/N), are you sure I cannot convince you to stay here with me my child?” (Y/N) nods her head sadly.

“Dad…. As much as I love it here in the ruins with you. I have to go…”

“I know my child. I wish you well on your journey, and find what you are looking for.” You hugged Asgore goodbye with him tell you that you were always welcome back home.

“Bye dad, I olive you!” With that you left the ruins and ventured out into the cold forest ahead; you keep walking stepping over the large stick in the middle of the path you only stopped and turned around when a large crack was heard, and seeing the large stick snapped in two. “H-Hello? Is anyBODY there?” you laugh  quietly to yourself as you looked around before continuing with the feeling of someone watching your every move; you freeze in front of a wooden bridge hearing footsteps crunching behind you.

Human. Don't you know how to greet a new pal? Turn around and shake my hand.” You turned slowly facing the individual who obviously sounded male, taking his hand to shake it you heard a loud Farting sound when your hands met. “Ah the old whoopee cushion in the hand trick, it never gets old.” He smiles and wipes a tear from his eye as you break out into a fit of giggles, making his smile grow more. “The names Papyrus. Papyrus the Skeleton. I'm supposed to be on the watch for humans but I'm not really interested in capturing anyone.”

“Its nice to meet you Papyrus. I’m (Y/N). (Y/N) (L/N).” you smile sweetly up and Papyrus not even fazed by the fact he is a walking, talking skeleton.

“My brother Sans though, he's a human hunting fanatic. Speaking of him there he is over there.” He pointed to a small Skeleton in the distance. “Quick through this gate, yeah go on through my bro. made the bars too wide to stop anyone. Now quick, behind that conveniently shaped rock.” You nod at Papyrus hiding behind the rock like you were told as the two brothers talked. You had to put a hand over your mouth every time the Punny Skeleton made a joke so you wouldn't laugh. “I’ve done a Ton of work today, a Skele-TON!” That last joke sent you over the edge you couldn't hold back the laughter anymore.

“Oh My Goodness!” you fell into the snow laughing so hard that you were holding on to your sides.

“BROTHER! IS THAT A HUMAN?!” Sans asked Papyrus and he shrugged lazily.

“I think that’s a rock bro.”

“OH….” Sans looked a little disappointed.

“Bro. look what’s beside the rock.” By this time your laughter stopped as you caught your breath.

“I-IS THAT A HUMAN??” The small skeleton looked up at his brother and Papyrus nodded his head. “HUMAN I AM THE MAGNIFICENT SANS! AND I SHALL CAPTURE YOU. THEN I'LL BE ABLE TO JOIN THE ROYAL GUARD, AND GET FRIENDS AND I'LL BE SO POPULAR! MEWH HEH HEH!” Sans Jumped up and ran off while Papyrus walked over to you offering a hand up.

“Thanks.” You brushed the snow off yourself after getting up.

“No problem, Honey.” A small blush dusted your cheeks from Papyrus’ nickname.

“I-I better get going it was nice to meat you Papyrus and your brother as well. I-I…. Hope you won't get to bonely without me here.” You say as you run off to the next room not knowing the reason why you were stuttering all of the sudden.

“Well that was different…” Papyrus commented as he lit his cigarette and took a puff.

    ~~~Time skip over
                   various puzzles~~~

(Y/N) looked at the welcoming sign “Welcome To Snowdin!” you giggle at the town's name realizing right away it was a pun. You checked your wallet seeing how much you had before walking into the cute inn and getting a room for the night. You climbed into the bed exhausted from the day filled with the overexcited Sans and the many puzzles you had to go through, while talking and joking with Papyrus before you knew it you fell asleep thinking of the tall skeleton with over sized and baggy Orange hoodie that smelled like smoke and honey. “Mmmm….. What time is it?” You checked the time before taking a shower and getting ready for the day ahead.

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