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I can't take many souls like I used to be. It's like some unnatural power was trying to hold back from the pull. And I hated it. I hated not being in control. Cause I know what Reapers do, and that was destroying things. But to my utter shock, he grabbed me and pinned me to the car. I was afraid that he was going to kill me but all was forgotten when his lips touched mine with an urgency I've never felt before. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever felt. His pained emotion, anger mixed with mine which gave me pleasure that even any soul reaping couldn't give me back. Before I could fully kiss him back he muttered a curse and angrily got out of the hospital. What was wrong with me? What's going to happen between us now?"

Dalton closed the diary and huffed in frustration. Despite wanting to go back to his clan, he decided to stay with Harrison. That guy needed help and a mentor who knew what he was doing. Dalton knew the change was coming and none of them were ready for this. And to make things right he needed to destroy this only thing that was holding Harrison back. With that thought, he threw the diary to the fireplace with a grim look on his face. He knew Harrison was growing weak for this girl. The girl who already had a soulmate. Which also meant Harrison was choosing a path the fate didn't like. And if Dalton knew one thing? 

That fate always won. 


Lana was a mess.

Ever since she found out that Danny betrayed her she couldn't handle herself from going down the dark path. Her smile, the sheer determination she had to keep going was just fading away from her. She couldn't even help Hannah as much as she used to. To Be honest, she couldn't even walk out from her own room without creating some sort of danger. Her humanity...It was fading. She could notice the little symptoms. 

She wanted to laugh at the irony. Despite being a Reaper, she had some sort of emotions in her heart. Danny was the main reason she was holding back from her Reaper side to take over. He helped her to get out of that hellhole and the way he always talked about family was what got her to look for the rest of the family. But it never occurred to her before that how much she was depended on him. She almost forgot he might have tricked her to trust him.

The coven was another reason, Lana wanted to just hide and never come back. More members started to get mad or possessed in Hannah's words. They would ask for the Seeker violently and when no one could stop them with any potion or power they'd disappear into thin ashes on their own. Lana still didn't tell them about Danny cause she wasn't sure if that would bring the coven more trouble or not. 

Lana, herself could think nothing but taking souls. She was bound in her own room for everyone's safety. And, what's even worse that she started to see Samara again. She kept telling Lana stories of bravery, to not believe anyone but herself. To hold onto her sanity. But how could Lana when she was constantly seeing her dead best friend giving her lectures about life? Sometimes Hannah gave her a sad smile but even she couldn't stop her when the hunger came out. Which was awfully daily nowadays. She was just about to force herself to take a nap when her door was ripped open.

"It started again!" Startled, Lana looked at the door to see Lorette with a worried frown. God, not again. 

If Lana was starting to realize what's happening again, then she needed to see the coven leader first. "Where's Hannah?" 

"She can't come here. They are forcing her to stay in the ritual room. And also they threaten to kill everyone if you don't show up." Lorette sounded too pained to see the color drain from Lana's face. Usually, they just shouted and disappeared themselves but it was a new way to approach them. Did they finally learn how to command the coven?

"I will see what I can do. You go ahead, I'm coming right behind you." Lana said and looked at the mirror behind her. She was hideous. Her once brunette hair was a jungles net, her face shrunken, eyes dull like there's no life existed there. She sighed and jogged out of the room to see the most horrible thing anyone could've ever face. Lorette's face held the same horror Lana was trying to hide. 

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