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"Dear diary,

Danny came back. But it wasn't that helpful. He tried to ignore me and it worked for a week but then something strange happened. My cellmate was getting sick so Danny decided to sneak into our room. The asylum was getting suspicious about him wanting to see his sister repeatedly so we decided to let him stay there hidden until he knew a way to get us out of here. But today when everyone was asleep Zach came. He tried to well...totally kill me this time. He had a dagger that was reassigned to kill Reapers. I don't know how he broke the bind the witch put up for me. Then to my surprise, he told me that the witch was dead due to the owner of the asylum. I would never forget the smile Zach given me that moment. I was gasping for air when Zach first tried to choke me. Even being a Reaper I'm not as strong as him when he unleashed his bindings. He almost succeeded to kill me but Danny, in the end, helped me.

It was strange how anyone could be that angry the moment I saw his eyes. They were the brightest golden at that time. He was furiously punching Zach but he couldn't do anything about it. Then he started to chant something and the most amazing feeling rushed over me. Zach was already begging for mercy. To my horror, I noticed that Danny was opening the veil of hell. The gate that was never supposed to be opened. The bright light and thousand cries of dammed souls were the first things I noticed. Then after a long haul, Zach was gone, just like that. But I wasn't feeling any regret or relief. My eyes blurred and the next thing I knew I was dropping on the floor.

I thought I was dying but then when my eyes snapped open I saw doctors and nurses were hovering over me. Danny was nowhere to be found. I asked my cellmate where her brother was but she said he needed to cool off. I don't know what made him this angry. I wanted to apologize, to say thank you for saving my life. I don't know what happened but somehow I felt this strange urge to be near him, talk to him and at least see him through the day.

Is that what called gratitude? 

Later I found him at the back entrance but his posture was stiff like he did something he didn't want to. I asked him several times but after a great effort, he snapped at me. Cursing in every language he knew he said he didn't want to open the veil. That it had taken potential energy from him. But I don't know what was so big deal about this? Even I get tired sometimes if I took too many souls but he just angrily stomped over and said I didn't know anything. This seeker thing that he tried to hide behind was showing its symptoms. And opening that veil was the first job he passed as a Seeker. And me being the extra angry one I just slapped him. I know...I wanted to thank him or hug him instead but I was also changing.

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