Scar smiled as he walked towards the den and beckoned me to follow, "Now, it is time to start the plan, Kovu you come along as well."

We both followed him to a more secluded part of the den, where we talk of plans, and how to give Scar what he wanted, to be powerful and king of Pride Rock.

"Now," Scar started. "As I said before, the first task is to get Simba away from the pride, Vitani and Nunka will cause some sort of distraction. Kovu, since she has taken a liking to you, get to Kiara, convince her to join us."

"Yes, father," Kovu said.

"Ayame when the time comes, with you and your powers of darkness, you will Kidnap Simba and dispose of him whatever way you wish, and I would like you to also when I tell you, give me the power of darkness. Not enough to take me over, but enough where I am feared."


"Now if anything changed Ayame, you will do what I say without question, or you may regret it."

"I understand."

We sat in the lions den a little longer, until a little after dusk, we discussed the plans more and went into details, and what we possibly may have to do if we ran into any obstacles. Scar expected a lot from me in such such a small yet difficult task, but I knew he also respected me. Doing any of these Scar was discussing didn't bother me, but Kovu on the other hand, seemed to not want to have anything to do with it, but he couldn't disappoint Scar. And even I knew from a short amount of time, that disappointing Scar was something no one should do.

When it was time, we walked out the lions den to the larger crowd of lions chattering whispers and murmurs. As we approached, the crowd fell silent, and Scar immediately began to speak.

"Now, It is time," Scar started. "To take back what is ours, and not let Simba, keep what is ours and keep me from my birthright." lions cheered and roared. "We will act on this immediately. Zira!"

Kovu's mother stepped out between other lions. "Yes, dear?"

"Get Vitani and Nuka, and tell them that it's time." she nodded and left.

"What about the other Pridelanders? Nala?" a lion asked.

"How is all this gonna go?" another asked.

"Quiet!" Scar roared. "Listen and it will all be explained. We will ambush Simba and his pride, a little after Vitani and Nuka 'unknowingly' start a fire. This is all more possible because of our new friend here. Four of you will chase down Simba and corner him until Ayame gets there and takes care of the rest. We will take down his pride, they will either join us, be banished, or killed! Then I will take my rightful place as King!"

"What about his friends?" a lioness asked.

"Yeah, like that husky warthog and pesky meerkat?" another asked.

"They won't be a problem," Scar answered.

"Scar," Zira said as she pushed her way through the crowd. "They are on their way."

"Good, Kove, Ayame, go now, we will all be behind you soon."

I summoned Two Across and stretched, "Alright Kovu, let's get going," I said as I started to take off.

"Right," he said and followed.

As I ran Kovu soon caught up, running beside me. "Remeber what Scar said Kovu, convince Kiara, or take care of her."

"Yeah, I know, I just don't get why he wants her."

"Maybe as a possible queen when it's time for you rule the Pride."

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