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"OMG gauri... Is that you"

"Om... Ommkara?"

Both are shock ...

"can anyone tell me what was going on here"

Atharv ask...

Ommkara look down to that little devil...
Then he realized..

" this boy is your son?"

Ommkara ask

"Yes...he is my son atharv"

Gauri reply with a smile...

"OMG...time fly so fast yaar...I mean you are married and had a son"

Ommkara went near them..

"hey long haired man...stop are smelling like...yak"

Atharv make faces because ommkara is still bathed in mud..

Gauri realized his condition...

"I am sorry ommkara for all this.. come inside and wash all this clothes...we will talk later"

Gauri said..
Ommkara nodded with a smile..
But little devil has other plans..

"Mom...are you mad..we don't know can he enter in our house"

Atharv object...
Ommkara looking at him with frown...

"shut up atharv...I know him very well shut your mouth otherwise"

Gauri threatened atharv..
He got silent but glaring at omm..
Omm was also glare him and enter inside the house...


Ommkara call his driver to bring clothes for him..
Finally he take a bath and change his clothes...

He came out from the bathroom and saw gauri is still busy in arranging her house...
She told him that she got a job in a school and transferred here...

He saw her carrying a big box and she couldn't hold it properly...
He run and help her to keep it on place...

"Ommkara... It's ok... I will manage... You please sit"

Gauri said..

"Hey... It's ok beautiful"

Ommkara said and wink..

Gauri chuckle and said..

"you still not change right? Still flirty"

"never ever darling"

Ommkara said and both laughed..
But ommkara smile fade when he saw an angry little devil glaring him with folded arms on his chest..

He don't like the way ommkara is trying to flirt with his mother...

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