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welcome back to tiktok tea, today's tea is about izy clark. a few days ago at the tour, things got heated when people started questioning izy about her, avani and cynthia's friendship. they had to take a break, the show then got cancelled for no apparent reason.

apparently, when they went and had a break izy and avani got into a massive argument causing the two teens to fight. when avani wasn't paying attention, izy took the opportunity to go have swing at avani this caused her to fall unconscious, smacking her head against the cold concrete. avani got to the hospital immediately that's why the show got cancelled, but! that's not the only reason why.

everyone in the group got mad at izy, even chase. her own boyfriend. i mean, if i was them i'd want nothing to do with izy. anywhoree, everyone had gotten mad at izy and she started getting depressed and tried to overdose. she's now in hospital and in a coma!

what do we think? so we still stan izy clark? is she going to survive? don't forget to follow and turn on post notifications for more tiktok tea.


izy.ew: i hate izy with my whole entire heart, i don't even know what chase sees in her but i don't think it's right to be posting stuff like this out to the world as it's invading their personal life.
➡️izystan: finally someone who agrees, people need to respect their personal life

kys.iz: the hoe finally got what she deserves
➡️supporting.izy: no one deserves death! especially not izy. izy is one of the nicest, most considerate, caring, wholeheart person i know.
➡️kys.iz: i think we're talking about two different izys? i'm talking about izy clark, the one mentioned in the post

lilhuddy: please take this down as it is an invasion of izys privacy.

avani: please stop using mine and izys friendship for fame, izy is an amazing person and yes we have fights and arguments but she's my bestfriend

llenorafashion: hey lovely! we've got an offer for you! please dm us asap for 25% off our newest items online 💛
➡️tiktok.tea: i- 🤦‍♀️ this is an account for tea, not online shopping

373 words

a/n: hey y'all, hope you enjoyed this lil chapter. y'all probably wanna know what's going on with izy, you'll see what happens in like 2 chapters hehe ;)

does anyone ever read this or?

also, it's 12am. i really need to sleep but i'm probably just gonna pull another all nighter because i can't sleep

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