We can survive together, I know it.

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They laid on the same cot, their bodies intertwined, trying to keep each other warm. The harsh winter was really getting to them, the smaller of the two shaking in the others arms. The blonde man pulled him closer desperately trying to share his body heat. The smaller whined quietly, shuffling around in the others arms. "It's alright Alex... it's going to be okay" The blonde man whispered to him quietly, trying to settle down Alex. "N-no John... t-too cold." He trembled, looking into John's eyes.John ran his hand through Alex's hair, attempting to try to calm him down again.

It seemed to work. The smaller man leans into his touch, almost purring. His head now laid on Johns chest. To everybody else they were known as the dynamic duo. 2 peas in a pod. Friends. Nothing more than that. Just friends. But behind closed doors they were more. More than friends. Friends don't know how each other taste.. they don't feel like this.

General Washington had his suspicions of course. That's why they were sharing a tent. Nobody else really thought. No. Nobody would expect it. Nobody would even think about it. It was their secret relationship. It gave Alex a thrill knowing nobody knew about their close relationship. It was theirs. A secret only they shared. Not even they knew. Their closest buddies.Lafayette would never think. Alex doubted it would even cross the man's mind. Their relationship was safe. Under wraps. Nobody would know. For now at least. It never crossed the gingers mind what they would do if the other soldiers found out. Leave? No he couldn't. Then again him and John would get kicked out. At worst, stoned. That's the worst that could happen. Them both dead. At least they would die together. Just the two of them. Together; right till the end.

John sighed and pulled Alex's bow out of his hair, his ginger hair falling onto his shoulders. Alex smiles at the blonde, feeling more free. He felt safe with John. Like nothing bad could happen to him. Ever. But then again, he felt safe with his mother. His mother said everything would be okay. Later that night she died. So you never really know. He tucked his head into the crook of Johns neck. Warmth. That's all the young man wanted and needed. John supplied him with that warmth, he received back some warmth. Simply, they needed each other to survive. Without John, Alex would forget to sleep, he would freeze to death, he wouldn't be able to care for himself without the blonde haired man. He always got carried away, writing into the earlier hours of the morning, not even getting a wink of sleep. That all stopped as soon as he met John. He got sleep, he took care of himself. He needed John.

Without Alex, John wouldn't feel like himself. John felt real when he was with the younger man, before meeting the courageous lad John felt like he was nothing. The shell of a person who was forced to succeed. He wanted to make his father proud. It was all for him. He didn't want to study law, no no, he wanted to be a doctor. But he had followed his father's wishes. He wanted to make him so proud, even if it cost him his happiness. But ever since he met Alexander, things were different. He wasn't an empty shell, he was so much more.

He had learnt the younger mans story, it truly inspired him. When he first heard about his past, it filled him with a deep sadness, that feeling was strange to him. He never particularly felt like that before. Not ever since his younger brother died. It was strange to him, that he in particular knew his story. He later learned that he hadn't told many people. That he was special. That he earned that privilege.

The ginger haired boy soon fell asleep. He lay there peacefully in Johns arms. He snored quietly and made John smile. Who knew the ferocious, courageous, small soldier snored. John wouldn't have guessed it, but here he was. Snoring quietly. Heh. He soon fell asleep, both of them keeping each other warm, a smile prominent on John's face as he slept.

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