Chapter 14

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The rain steadily pelted against the windshield as Lucy and Holden drove in what could only be described as an uncomfortable silence.

"So you and Dillon, huh?" Holden asked Lucy as she concentrated on the movement of the windshield wipers.

"Me and Dillon?" Lucy repeated, not understanding.

"You know...when the cat's away the mouse will play. My aunt told me you had a boyfriend."

Lucy scoffed, "My boyfriend John knows that I'm friends with Dillon. Besides, I don't think of Dillon in that way."

"In what way?" Holden smiled.

Lucy rolled her eyes, "You know what way since you suggested it earlier. I was in a bind and I needed some help. John's out of town so I called Dillon. Not that it's any of your business."

"What kind of bind?"

"The 'none of your business' kind," Lucy retorted.

"Aren't we being feisty this evening? I just asked an innocent question," Holden turned towards the road that led to Lucy's house.

"Somehow I doubt that."

"You do spend a lot of time with your friend Dillon. As a man, I wouldn't want my girlfriend spending time with anyone else while I'm away," Holden shrugged.

"Is that so? Do you even have a girlfriend?"


"I didn't think so," Lucy smirked. "Thank you for the concern Dr. Phil but my relationship with John isn't part of your investigation."

"See? You're always giving mixed signals," Holden accused her.

"Mixed signals?"

"Yeah. I thought we were friends. Remember? Cookie monster cupcakes? Now you're telling me to mind my own business. I'm not going to lie Lucy. My feelings are a little hurt." Holden was clearly being over-dramatic, causing Lucy to laugh.

"I thought you had to pass some kind of psychological to become a detective," Lucy muttered.

"What was that?"

Lucy shook her head, "Nothing. Thanks for the ride." She didn't give him a chance to speak as she quickly opened the door and ran in the rain to her house.

Once she stepped inside, she took a deep breath. Getting through that car ride was difficult and not because Holden was asking her questions. She could still see herself shaking. After making sure her doors were locked, she ran upstairs to take a hot shower.

She was wrapping a towel around her wet hair when she padded to the study and took out the green journal.


Salutations my dear friend. I am afraid I do not have good news. My heart is heavy and I fear that it shall soon fall from my chest and be trampled upon. Do not ask why as I shall explain soon enough. Today I could not wait to see my Grace at the park. My body itched to be close to her. I found myself waiting outside her home in the early morning hours. Perhaps you will chastise me for not sleeping. Do not worry my friend. I was too enamored with thoughts of my Grace that sleep escaped me.

She did not visit the park today but that is not the bad news. No, the news that hurts me...that makes me feel as though my soul is on that she was visited today by another man.

I must calm myself. Perhaps he is a relative. He must be. What kind of fate must I have to finally discover a light in the darkness...only to discover that light was for someone else? Impossible!

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