[Love and Tears] part 14.

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I layed my head next to the heater in English. The only reason I liked the teacher the slightest bit was for where he put me. I liked the people that surrounded me, and the heater was hotter than one I had ever owned.

I frowned as I noticed it was snowing. Wasn't it only the other day that it was sunny? I rolled my eyes. That's England for you.

"Callie!" Mr. Ruben-Ray snapped at me. I shot my head up, wondering what all the commotion was.


"The question I just asked you to answer... what's the answer?" He asked, folding his arms. His skinny jeans hugged his legs tightly. I noticed he had a phone in his front pocket.

"Callie!" He snapped again.

"What?" I asked.

"You wasn't listening to anything I just said, was you? Stop daydreaming!" He yelled. I tried my best to listen to what he had to say as he got emotional so easy. If someone told a joke, you wouldn't know whether he was going to laugh or snap at you. So most of the class stayed quiet, but today was different...

"Um, uh, sorry, could you repeat the question?" I asked. Sir rolled his eyes.

"See, you wasn't listening, was you!?" His face turned angry, but then calmed down. "So the question was how do you tell the difference between a simple sentence and a complex one?" I frowned. I wasn't listening. How was I to know? I was too busy watching the snow fall gently from the white clouds. Luckily, someone saved me by talking and sir yelled at them.

"Carla, stop talking!" He yelled, focusing his attention off me but to them. I released a little cry of relief.

"But was it me though?" Carla defended herself. Sir's face literally turned red in anger, he looked like he was going to explode.

"Get out!" He ordered, pointing to the door.

"But it wasn't even me." Carla denied.

"So you're accusing me of being blind as well as stupid?"

"I didn't say that. I just said it wasn't me." Carla replied.

"Just get out and do us all a favour!" He shouted, his face fully serious.

"Whatever. But I'm not coming back, so don't even bother coming out to talk to me." She told him, gathering her stuff together. When Carla left the class she slammed the door behind her. He then sat on his desk and took out the rest of his anger on us.

"And if anyone else wants to be cheeky and chatty they can get out, too!" He shouted, his face reddening even more. "Go on go! Because I can't seem to get anything good out of this class! It's like getting blood out of a stone! I don't even know why I bother with you lot if you're going to take me for a fool. I plan nice things for you and you throw it back in my face. Next time we'll just do boring book reports or something, or you can just copy pages out of a book. In fact, that's what you'll do!"He yelled.

This teacher was so emotional. He was so irritating. I honestly disliked him with a passion... hate was a different thing.

"But it wasn't even all of us, sir." Adisa, the girl in my Spanish class, also the girl Carla was talking said.

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