bonding time//g.d

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(y/n pov)

"And so then I told her that she didn't have all the files ready and guess what this bi-" You were cut off by the sound of feet padding down the stairs.

You and Grayson were in your basement, talking and, well, you, folding laundry. He was just sitting on the washer behind you, your back to him as you ranted to him about your day. "Mommy?" You folded a pair of Grayson's sweats as your 5-year-old came up next to you. You looked down at him.

"Hey, baby, what's up?" You asked him. He looked up at you and held up his paper to you. You looked at it. "Is that your homework, Liam?" You asked. He nodded.

"I need help mommy," He said. You smiled and pointed at your laundry.

"I need to finish folding daddy's clothes, okay? Why don't you circle the question and go to the next one?" He nodded and turned to go. "Here, take this up to your room, okay?" You handed him a pile of his shorts as he took them into his arms, along with his paper.

"What's daddy doing?" He asked. You turned realizing he Grayson hadn't said a word since Liam came down. You smiled to see Grayson still on the washing machine.

"Daddy's sleeping, it seems." You said, walking over to him. You looked at Liam and smiled. "Go do as much of your homework as you can, I'll help you after dinner, or maybe Olivia can help you, okay?" He nodded and ran up the stairs, clothes in his hands.

You put your hand on Grayson's leg and looked up at him, still in a sitting position, but head hung low and phone about to slip from his hands. You tapped on him lightly. He didn't wake up and you smiled. Standing up taller, you leaned up to cover his face in kisses. Inches away from him, you pulled away as Grayson woke up.

"Well, you should wake me up like that every day," He mumbled as you gave him one last kiss before pulling away. He rubbed his face with his hands. "I'm so tired."

"Go sleep, baby, I'll bring you dinner or something later," You told him. He shook his head, stretching his arms as they hit the ceiling. You laughed as he rubbed his knuckles. "Go take a nap before dinner then," You said, going back to your laundry.

You heard Grayson walking up behind you and he wrapped his arms around you from behind, head on your shoulder. "You're pretty," He said. You rolled your eyes handing back a stack of ironed shirts.

"Put this away," He groaned, taking them from you. "Go take a nap before dinner, if you're tired." You said, reaching up to peck him on the lips.

"Okay, fine," He said, heading up the stairs. "Love you, gorgeous." You smiled shaking your head, going back to iron another one of Grayson's shirts.


"Here you go," You placed a plate of food on Grayson's nightstand and looked over at him, still asleep and sprawled out on your bed. You sighed getting on the bed and shaking his shoulders. "Gray, baby, wake up." You said. He opened his eyes and looked up at you.

"Morning?" He mumbled sitting up. You smiled and shook your head, holding up his dinner. He grabbed his phone to check the time. "It's only 6? Fuck." He sat back in bed and opened his mouth. You sighed, putting food on the fork and placing it into his mouth, feeding him.

"Did you guys eat without me?" He asked, mouth full. You nodded and smiled. He frowned. "It was family bonding time!" He exclaimed. You shook your head, shutting him up by feeding him more food.

"You're the one who fell asleep," You said. He rolled his eyes dramatically and you smiled. "Why are you so tired?" You asked. He shrugged.

"I'm almost done the shelf for Liam's room," He said proudly. You raised your eyebrows, running the fork around the plate as he chewed. "I have some more to do tomorrow, and I'll get him to help me paint it." You nodded, putting more food in his mouth.

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