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Days Have Gone •

Rolling over onto my side, I rub my eyelids of sleep. I have to get Abel to school, and Thomas to daycare. The usual routine. Before heading into work myself. The last few months was something I never expected to happen. I never wanted to bear witness to the evil that would take over samcro, take over Jax. As a daughter of a member, I thought I grew up seeing my far share of horrors. The death of the family I always had known. But none of that, could compare to the hate, betrayal, and evil that's running through the gavels owner. The revenge for his wife's murder, has taken over any good that was left in him,  and in this club. And the images I've seen of Tara's death, still haunts my dreams.

"Anna, come on, we can't be late." Little Abel knocks on the door to the bedroom. I stiffen the sobs up that I almost let out, and did what I did every day. Getting each boy ready, packing their lunches, packing enough formula and toys and diapers for baby Thomas. And making sure they eat their breakfast all at once. I was a normal woman a few months ago, I had no responsibilities besides myself, and life was good. Now I have two kids and their father to take care of. Who knew I was ever cut out for this role.

"Okay Abel, I'll see you after school okay ?" Putting his backpack on his shoulders.

"When is daddy going to pick me up?" He is broken by his dad barely ever being home.

"I don't know baby, I'll talk to him today okay? Have a good day." Abel gives me a  hug then runs where the teacher is waiting to take him back, and I get back into the car and head to work. Already dropping Thomas at daycare. Pulling into Teller- Morrow, I park next to Gemmas Expedition.

"Hey baby. Can you take care of the office for a bit ? Gotta run some errands." Putting on my work shirt, I'm greeted by Gemma.  I nod, letting her know I can handle the office for a bit. Getting straight to work. 

"Hello, I'm looking for Jax ?" A husky blonde caught my attention by snapping her fingers at me. Which annoys me.

"Why? Who are you?" I ask, wiping my oily hands on a rag. Her hands finds her hips and she smirks.

"He called me, Sweetie. Ask him." I shake my head.

"I'll go get him, stay here." Anger floods through me. Jax and I were finally starting to give it a chance, us being a thing. But I know she's a porn star, those are the only whores who come around, looking for Jax Teller. Finding him sitting in the back dorm where he stays most nights if not at his house with me and the kids.

"Blonde Cara-cara sluts here for you."I say, my voice making his blue eyes look up at me.

"Just business baby." He smugs, walking over and kissing my cheek. I shake my head, feeling stupid I thought Jax would do that.

"You're picking up the boys today. They miss their dad." He nods as his hand falls on my ass as we walk outside. The blood seeing where his hand is, makes her suck her teeth in, annoyed.

"Yes ma'am " Jax kisses my cheek and slaps my ass, making me laugh.

"Yo, Anna. Can you go pick up a BMW? Not starting."I nod and grab the keys for the truck. Hoping in, I headed to where the car was called in at.

"Oh thank God, I can't get the thing to start." The older woman looked upset at the fact her car was giving her issues.

"Oh, well we're going to take it in and I'll get it fixed as soon as possible. Let's call you a cab okay?" She nods and I quickly hook the car in the correct spots and crank it up, while calling a cab on my personal cell. I waited with the woman until the can arrived and then paid for it. This took about 39 minutes and I was relieved to be heading back to the Teller Morrow.  Unloading the car. I looked around and didn't see Jax. 

"Tig. Wheres Jax?" He tossed his head towards the clubhouse. And I walk inside, hearing moans and grunting. Tears weld In my green eyes.

I slowly open the dorm door, to see a blonde on top of Jax, riding him like crazy, his eyes were shut but his mouth open, enjoying it.

"Jackson" I breathe out, slowly. And quietly. He quickly threw the girl off of him, and I took off out of the clubhouse.

"Baby!" I passed by the guys as they watched. A half naked Jax with only boxers on, chasing after me. Reaching the SUV , I reached onto my key chain. Putting my keys into the ignition. He reached my window.

"Anna please, please stop." Looking at the time, it was time for Jax or I to go pick up the kids. Dialing Gemma , I pulled out and put the phone to my ear.

"Hey babygirl."

"I need you to pick up the boys and keep them at yours until jax can pick them up."

"Why what's going on?"

"I'm leaving Jax."

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