Chapter 2

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3rd P.O.V.

It was a week after graduation. All grades had been moved and new arrangements were being made. People would now share dorms instead of having one to themselves, there would be times where people would just talk, and they were allowed to train whenever they wanted as long as it wasn't during a class period.

People didn't really mind the change, except for Bakugo. He had to share a dorm with his crush, UA student, Todoroki Shoto. To everyone, Todoroki was the hottest, emotionless guy in the whole school. Many girls had crushes on him and males were always jealous of him. He didn't care though. He was gay, which no-one knew about except for UA student, Momo Yaoyorozu. Todoroki never told anyone about him being gay since he knew it would eventually get through the whole school, and then to the media, and then..

...His father, Endeavor.

Todoroki's father had always been abusive to him and his family. His mother, Rei Todoroki, had been thrown into a mental institute forever after burning Todoroki with boiling hot water, since Endeavor had drove her insane; his brother, Touya, had ran away after being used by Endeavor until Todoroki was born. He then had to protect his little brother from their father. Natsuo and Fuyumi, Todoroki's brother and sister, were treated badly since they had their mother's quirk and not his.

Of course, nobody knew if Endeavor's treatment towards his children except for Midoriya Izuku, also known as Deku, to Bakugo. Todoroki had told Deku everything before their battle at their first Sports Festival. He hasn't told anyone else since he didn't want anyone to know since his father would hurt him more.

Todoroki could never get a break when walking through the halls. His features were too noticeable: his scar, his heterochromatic eyes and hair; he was perfect in almost everyones eyes, when he wasnt. He was apart of a broken family and nothing could fix it.

The students had the week off to settle into their dorm rooms and become acquaintances with their roommates.

Todoroki P.O.V.

As I walked through the halls, many girls started squealing. I just ignored it. I had no sexual attraction to females in any way. Many people try to date me, even some guys. But they all fail anyways. Besides, i already have my eyes on one particular hot headed male. I thought he was cute, I loved all his features, even ones I couldn't see.

As I arrived at the dorm, I heard yelling, and immediately knew who my roomate was. As I stepped inside, I saw Bakugo jumped on his bed yelling at.. A spider? Wait, since when was he afraid of spiders? "Umm.. You need help Bakugo?" Bakugo looked at me and pointed the spider. "Kill it." "Its just a spider, it cant hurt you. You do know that, right?" He had a look of fear in his eyes that made my heart sink. "J-Just get rid of it! Please, i really really dont like spiders, please just kill it.." I sighed and went over picking it up with my hand. I walked over and opened the window, letting it crawl off my hand and onto the outside wall. "There," I said and closed the window. "Its gone, no need to be afraid anymore." He hopped down from his bed and looked at the floor holding his arm. And i could have sworn, i heard him say 'Thank you'. I put my bag down and went to my closet to change. They found someone with a moving quirk and just moved our dorm rooms up. They were able to mix the rooms so it was split evenly between both people and all of our stuff was already there.

Ignoring the fact the Bakugo was here, i started to undress, taking off my shirt. He yelled at me. "I-Icyhot! Im still here ya know! At least tell me when your gonna change so i can look away dammit!" I just shrugged and continued changing. I took off my shirt as i heard him sit on his bed. I replaced it with a grey turtleneck sweater. I then took off my pants and put on some black tights. Taking off my shoes, I went over and sat on my bed. I glanced over to see Bakugo glancing at me. He quickly turned away and it looked like he was drawing something. He was doing something in a black note book, most likely drawing. I noticed some pink highlighting his cheeks slightly.

I sighed and grabbed a book from a shelf, and started to read.

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