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As izuku walked to the entrance to the exams he saw an angry blond chick who looked right at him and blushed then proppeled herself at him. Izuku then usealed his sacred trusure and turned it into the bow. "Ryugawamatekimakaru!!!". A large blue dragon flew at her and engulfed her leaving her in her undergrarments to Wich he laughed at before bieng jumped at by multiple girl he turned the bow into a sword and deflected all there attacks before a villian came and knocked them all out and saw izuku and rushed him. The pro heros were useless as izuku was doging with ease obeying the law of no quirk usage.

He then got an idea and turned off his magic taking all of her hits then shouted at the top of his lungs. "REVENGE COUNTER!!!". Izuku then shined bright yellow and the villian exploded. "Alright guys let's get this started" izuku stated making girls blush madly.

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