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Izuku then walked towards Inko with a blood lusted glare then Izumi activated her quirk of fire explosion and launched it at him expecting him to perish under the sheer might of her attack. As the fire explosion neared him he muttered two single words barley able to hear "Full Counter" After that the attack was deflected at her Izuku dashed at her and crushed her quirk Wich,was now at X150 power,with complete ease. "W-W-What are you doing here " they both spat out with so much venom a black widow would be jelous. "I have a name for a reason" izuku replied calmly and smoothly that made Izumi blush madly. "I didn't name you bitch!" Inko screamed at him.

Just then izuku's demon mark and angel eye,that was covered with his green locks, started to show "MAYBE YOU SHOULD THINK ABOUT HOW THE MEN FEEL TO BE SO POWERLESS TO HAVE EMPTY LOVE A ONE SIDED RELATIONSHIP THAT ENDS THE SAME WAY EVERYTIME TO BE WEAK AND DISCRIMIMATED AGAINST FOR ONE SMALL FACTOR OF YOUR LIVES FOR SOMETHING YOU CANT CONTROLL JUST THINK YOU HEARTLESS BITCH!" Izuku screamed at the top of his lungs gathering a crowd of boys and girls the boys cheering and having a morale boost while the girls activated their quirk's thinking about what he said and rushing him heasitentely izuku taking all of them out with ease. "Think of what I just said you could emotionless bastards called females".

As izuku wandered the streets a male seemed to be arguing with a girl so izuku ran up to her and grabbed her arm she whipped out some class Wich seemed to be her quirk he quickly ducked and roundhoused her nose then made a small cut on her neck. With two words it was all over for her. "Status increase".

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