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We're not all equal. I learned that at such a young age. The world was introduced to the world of superpowers not to long ago but there was only one problem Females they were the only one with quirks so the males were treated as breeding machines. This is where our story starts.


It was a busy day at the hospital and staff were rushing in and out of rooms like no tomorrow Wich for some there wasn't one. We go to room 451 and see a mom cradling two babies that were just born but there was a problem one was a male in this world that very male was to have sex with women unwilling and like it or don't like it that's was now it's job.

As the nurse stabbed the babies stomach the Babie uttered it's first words that changed everything. "Revenge Counter". The stab wound was now on the woman and the Babie was gone vanishing into the vast emptiness of nothing. As the Babie awoke he saw a young male no short of 15 with pink hair. "Hi my name's gowther the sin of lust sparkle". This was the start of his journey.

Skip 14 years later

Izuku was now young and had learned everything he could from the sins including all of there moves and magical attacks then his sacred treasure was made. It was a sleek katana with green outlines that could change instantly into a dark blue bow that could fire special arrows that move faster than bullets.

As he was preparing for the exam in one week he decided to check on the people that abandoned him as a child. He strolled down the street getting greedy looks from the females and envios looks from the males who were on the street. I mean who could blame them he was tall for his age of 14 and muscular too. He had his sacred treasure in glove form witch was fingerless and was half blue half green.

When he finally got to the house and opened the door plates dropped and conversation stopped. "I-Its you".

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