[Stealing the Protagonist's Mom] 三

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A gray-haired but spirited old man came in, followed by two black-clad bodyguards.


Nie Chenyuan frowned seeing the unexpected visitors and was slightly surprised.

“I heard that you were staying in the lounge for a long time and didn't come out, so I wanted to see if anything happened.”

Nie Songping walked to the sofa with crutches, ignoring Nie Chenyuan, and stared hopefully at Qingyun instead. "Can this little brother elaborate a bit more on the problems with Chenyuan’s meridian?" [T/N: something I didn’t point out- Qingyun’s name in this world is Qing Yun, Qing being the surname and Yun being his first name. I didn’t change it becuz I didn’t want to confuse anyone~]

Of course, he knows why his grandson drove all those people away. They’ve inquired many famous doctors about Nie Chenyuan's blocked meridians yet none could help. But he was told that only a martial artist with a high cultivation base is able to clear his grandson’s meridians.

There are two great realms in the Guwu world. The first realm is called Last Heaven [T/N: once again, these cultivation names!!! (°ㅂ°╬)], and it’s separated into 10 levels. The second realm is known as First Heaven with it being the most powerful realm. There is a middle ground between the two realms called Central Heaven which connects the two big realms.

However, there has not been a single person who has reached First Heaven in the last one or two centuries, and only a few have attained Central Heaven. Unfortunately, these people are too busy striving to break through to First Heaven, so how could they be willing to waste energy to treat Nie Chenyuan?

Nie Songping’s hair became gray due to all his worrying for his grandson's health. He discovered that his Nie family had no way of attracting those who have reached the Central Heaven.

The youth before him may have a cultivation level lower than Central Heaven, but as an old man who has witnessed many things in life, he knew that this child must’ve had a fortuitous encounter. Seeing that this kid had a way to cure this half-dead grandson, he might as well try his luck. [T/N: the raws said: “所以总要死马当活马医,问上一问。”. Which literally means, “a dead horse becomes a horse doctor, let’s ask a bit.” This clearly makes no sense and I only managed to figure it out with my mom’s help, although it wasn’t that off from my guess. (⌒_⌒;)]

When the ‘big boss’ arrived, Qingyun tossed Nie Chenyuan aside and went up to strike a deal with Nie Songping. The words he had said earlier were for Nie Songping to hear when he was standing outside the door.

“I know that you wouldn’t believe me no matter what I say. But how would you know without trying? What do you think?”

Nie Songping murmured a little. It was his grandson's life on the line. So he would naturally be more cautious than usual. "What method will you use?"

It really is “Don’t let loose the hawk until you see the hare.” [T/N: an expression meaning that don’t reveal your trump card if you haven’t got them onboard. QY is saying that he is close to making this deal possible.] Qingyun frowned and said, "I have a prescription."

Sure enough!

Nie Songping nodded his head and said to Qingyun, "It's not safe here. Let’s talk about the details in private at the Nie family's house."

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