Character Sketch

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Prompt: Write a passage using indirect and direct characterization to introduce a character!

Content: Also done in the same winter zombieland, it's fun to play around with. This time I'm introducing Rin! This ended up being a bit less of a character sketch and more of a setting study, but oh well! At least I wrote something.


Travelling from their house to the westernmost settlement should not have been taking this long. Rin had been slugging through the snow for a day and three quarters now, it was evening, and the trees were casting long shadows on the frosted ground as the sun drifted ever closer to the horizon. They could vaguely recall their father calling this 'The Golden Hour', but right now they were thinking it was 'Way Past Any Reasonable Time to Be Out In The Cold Without Shelter to Return to'.

They hated it when they got lost. There was no use in denying it, they were lost now - so horribly lost that they had managed to miss a several hundred mile wide settlement. They sighed, breath clouding in front of them before quickly dispersing. There was no use getting worked up over it, at least not until they were well and truly screwed. So they stopped, snow crunching with an air of finality beneath their feet, and looked around to get their bearings.

Behind them was the way they'd come. It was a relatively nice day - barely any wind or clouds - and so they could still see the footprints they'd left in the snow continuing off behind them. To their right was a hill, a big one. They were travelling along the side of a mountain, but is they tilted their head back they could see that this part of it plateaued, and wasn't really part of the mountain itself.

To their left, a steep incline downward. Below they could see stretched of dead trees separated by undisturbed snow, gentle mountains lines the horizon, but there was a notable lack of any settlements. Finally, ahead of them was the 'trail' they'd been following for the past four hours. It might've been a road once, some kind of trail that people would travel often enough to flatten it. Now, however, there was no one on it. Going by the lack of any other tracks on the trail and considering the last time it snowed, Rin would guess that no one had gone this way for a bit.

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