Start Your Novel

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Prompt: Write the start to your novel! Just jump right into it! If you don't have a novel idea, then just start writing and see where it takes you

Content: This was inspired a little bit by the winter sentence in the last prompt, but this isn't really a novel I had planned because, at the time, I did not have one planned.


The world people lived in these days was cold - more in a literal sense than a figurative. If you didn't like somewhere where snow stayed on the ground almost year-long the odds were that you didn't have much longer left to live at all. The largest cities had fallen first, regardless of the climate they resided in, but the ones living in winter were quick to quiet again, though their streets stayed empty save for the occasional shambling skeleton of a man.

Villages fared the best by far. Small towns and trailer parks were now home to the hardened survivors of what could very well be called the fall of widespread civilization. One such settlement was a little town nestled on the side of a mountain; Quincy.  

For a long time Quincy had been home to a population of 2,354 people and for about three years Quincy had been home to just about nobody. Now, Quincy was a refuge for the wandering.

Heldly, owner of twelve dogs, a homely attitude and a frankly unhealthy fondness for rum had spent their time in the town of Quincy scavenging for supplies, ignoring the stories left by empty houses and forgotten memorabilia. 


That's where I stopped! If you'd like to continue Heldly's story please feel free!

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