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Never once in his life, Donghyuck has a willing to kill someone. But here he is, glaring at Mark that stood across the room. That Canadian guy acted like nothing happened, tried to avoid the glare from the younger. Even if he realized that what happened before was his fault, Mark would not be happy to acknowledge it.

NCT 127 was filming their MV for the latest comeback that will announce three months from now. Flying from Seoul to Maldives took so many energies and times; therefore, they were must soon continue with the MV filming the next day after landing, which because their company only gave a week to summary all of that.

Donghyuck, not all recovery yet from the tired feeling, and he bet all members also did. But work is work, and because NCT 127 was filming the MV in Maldives, forced Donghyuck to forget the beautiful landscape and must still have to do his job first.

But then this Canadian guy was getting on his nerves. That tall-pale guy never being cooperated with him even from the first day of filming. For once, Donghyuck thought that the boy must be tired because it has only been two days after he came back from the United States after promoting with SuperM. It must be exhausting and suffocating for him because he has to go with NCT 127 to Maldives for comeback purposes. But Mark was beyond annoying for Donghyuck.

Mark would suddenly snap at Donghyuck, or put a grumpy face whenever the younger stand close to him. Donghyuck trying to make himself present by did something funny, which always work to his team-brothers, but now, it seems like Mark would not be affect anymore. Up to the way that the younger giving up and just let Mark did whatever he wanted.

After the last briefing of the last day filming, Donghyuck took a deep, relieved breath, finally could felt free from all the suffocating things—at least. After lunch, he went to his bungalow as fast as he could, could not wait any longer to rest himself off—the thing that he was craving so much now.

The managers split the member to five bungalows. Taeyong and Johnny filled the first one. The second one filled by Jaehyun and Taeil, the third one by Doyoung and Mark, the forth filled by Jungwoo and Yuta and the last bungalow, which has the smallest size than the rest, was filled by Donghyuck, all alone. Their managers took one cottage near the receptionist hotel, a little bit far from the members'.

Donghyuck more way than happy when remembering that his bungalow was for himself so that he would not get disturbed by any other members. It does not mean that the members will bother him, though, but for now, he needs time for himself, maybe to arranged his thought since Mark Lee being so ignorant and annoying all the time.

"I shouldn't think about that anymore. I must spoil myself since I did a great job these days," Donghyuck mumbled to himself.

When Donghyuck arrived at his bungalow, he could not help the urge to run to the terrace, saw the beautiful ocean view as the sun was about to set. The fresh air that tasted like water, salt, and seaweeds filled his lungs, and he felt happy and relieved.

"Hey, Donghyuck!"

Donghyuck's eyes snapped open when he heard his name was being called and saw Taeil waved at him. The younger waved back with a smile, then caught Mark's stares while the boy walked behind Taeil, tried to reach his bungalow with Doyoung as soon as their eyes met, the older turn his face as he was not happy seeing the younger, which made Donghyuck only scoffed in annoyed.

"Get ready. We will drink tonight. Celebrate, you know?" said Taeil.

Donghyuck does not feel that he was in the mood for that. All he wanted just spoiling himself in his comfy room, maybe sitting on the terrace while watching the beautiful night sky and hearing the soft waves that brush the shore.

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