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"That's not why she is worried." Lorette's voice made Lana jump from her thoughts. She sounded irritated as she waved her fingers back and forth between Lana and Hannah. "She is worried because of a new threat. And what do I know? The threat came as soon as you were welcomed in the coven."

Where at times Lorette didn't exactly like Lana but she wasn't out to get her either. So if Lorette thought there was a threat...

"What's this about?" Lana asked Hannah, the pressure starting to get to her. There was no way humans could be the threat. Could it?

"I-I...your mother took my soul once. When she was sent to hell every person's soul they took was returned. The humans were worst, lost to find where they left their life. I was a clan leader but still, when I returned something in me changed. The truth is...I became a coven leader because I killed the previous one in the middle of a panic attack."

The shock made Lana almost speechless.

"What happened?" She croaked out. 

"I woke up with too much pain and loss. I think it's the guilt that I couldn't save Keira, my only student was what made me lose it. I went back home and found your sister's husband asking for my help. When I couldn't help him, he kicked me out of my own town." Hannah looked away as Lana's gaze turned to pity. "I had a lead that this coven took witches that needed help or didn't have anyone. I came here to ask help only to lose control once my position was challenged. I am sorry, I shouldn't have said that much."

"No, no!" Lana was curious to know. "What does the threat has to do with this story?"

"Some of the members still don't trust me to lead this coven. And once you were welcomed, someone...some people from our coven started to get possessed. They were talking in gibberish. They were asking for some Seeker. I didn't know what to do. Then they all got self-destructive. Dalton also couldn't find any spell. Alexei was a disaster when your sister went to hell. And no offense but I know only Keira can help us. But she is..."


The feeling of cold foreboding made Lana shiver.

"What...what Seeker?" 

"Huh?" Hannah looked back only now realizing the tight grip Lana had on her fists. "Oh...Legend has that Seekers don't go well with the Reapers. When a witch and demon mates, that's when a Seeker is born. Their offspring become a Reaper hunter. They were born solely to kill your species. It's like a poison to your kind. You will want to kill them and they'll do the same vice versa. If you want I have some books about them."


Lana's mind was turning and twisting cause she knew one seeker she was closed to care for, or maybe love.


"Dear...what happened?" Hannah asked with a frown when she didn't find any expression from Lana.

"Seekers..." Lana could feel her breath hitch as she said the words. Was anything even real between them? All those talks about figuring her out? Giving her time? "Do they always have to kill Reapers?" 

"Um, I don't know much Seekers to know about but in the last few centuries, there were some Seekers who learned to live like normal people. They don't hunt Reapers not much now but it is in their instinct to kill one when they see one. And oh, they are the most cunning creatures in the world. They lie, manipulate and when their prey trusts them blindly that's when the worst thing happens, I mean they attack."

Then why didn't he killed her? He had so many chances in that asylum and afterwords. She practically begged him to end everything once but he was the one who let her go. While She understood why he hated her at first glance, she didn't know what to do with this new fact. Where in one glance Zach had her heart, Danny had her entire life. 

If it was all a game to him, well...he should've known, Lana had let her first love destroy her but she wouldn't let her second one do the same.


Stranger's POV

He had been watching this for years. 

Waiting for years to go back to earth. But nothing helped. He took clan leaders' sweetest blood, married thousand black magic witches, made people mad for power but still nothing. And when the chance finally came, that woman ruined everything. He should have tried harder to keep her possessed, to make sure she never felt anything but to follow his orders.

"What are you doing here, came to see my misery?" She hissed glaring at him. It surprised him how she was still feisty after getting tortured every day.

"Don't talk to me in that tone. You have disgraced me." He commanded hoping she'd start fearing him. But who was he kidding? Her brown eyes were sending daggers at him instead of fear showing in them.

"No...you've disgraced me, ruined me, stripped me of my purity."

He wanted to laugh at the braveness she was putting on.

"You should've taken my hand when I offered it to you. Then you wouldn't have to worry about your children killing you, Keisha!" He screamed at her pathetic figure.

Keisha was weaker than the last he saw her. She was in prison with nothing but her past memories. He had banned her from taking souls. So she was as good as gone. And for her daughter Keira...maybe she was really dead considering she was still to show up at any part of the hell.

"I chose what I had to choose. You bewitched me. Talked about love and sacrifice. I didn't even realize when I got trapped in your control. You were the one who didn't let me live in peace! You ripped me from Dalton, you killed my unborn child, I had to kill my husband to lift the curse you brought upon me! Your book didn't work. You lied to me!" She yelled at his face gripping the iron trying to rip it apart. Too bad she wasn't as powerful as she used to be.

"I just bought a curse upon you, don't I sweet Keisha? So who saved you from your sacrifice, who thought you'll be a perfect bride and took powers from the old King of Darkness. I wasn't the one who got knocked up even if she wasn't meant to spread this curse." He mocked at her newfound energy knowing soon she'd be gone too.

"I may not love Jonathon but we had an understanding. But you had to ruin that too. Did you really think I'd marry you? A hellhound!" She cried out. "You sadistic bastard, I should have killed you the first time I realized you had no longer any control over me. I'd always hate Dalton for distracting me."

He couldn't stop the chuckle. "It was merely a test which you failed. I thought you'd give me the powers to break the seal between hell and earth. And what did you do? You jump right in the bed of a warlock, a clan leader nonetheless."

It was a long time plotting, really. Thousand and thousand years of failed attempt had made him perfect the chaos he brought to the life of the Desahyes bloodline. And what made it easier was Keisha's naivety. That girl was too dense to realize when a hellhound was starting to control her every move, her every breath and in the end?

Her entire life.

Fate was null when it came to her. He wrote her fate, he thought by possessing her he could kill her daughters and end the bloodline of Reapers. But no. This Reaper Keisha was too smart to let him control her daughters too. 

And, he couldn't wait to see that side destroy her to death. With that thought, he turned back to leave but her loud shriek stopped him from leaving in the dark prison. 

"If-if I wanted to...really wanted to, both of them would be dead by now. But of course, you lack anything where you and your pathetic shelf isn't concerned, Sage."

Sage didn't turn back. He only grinned as he thought of how she'd look once she got the news. "Lucky for you, Lana is coming soon to join that prison of yours. Goodnight."

"You'll rot here with me, Sage." She snarled, slamming the iron bar with her bruised fists. "This isn't over!"


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