chapter 4

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then I wake up, I groan with the pain in my crumpled and outstretched wings.  “Lily?” I hear Percy say “are you all right?”  “What?” I say back.  He say’s “Are you all right?”  “Other than the pain in my wing, ya im all right.” I reply.

“So why did I get shot?”

“Well……. One of the Apollo archers thought you were a monster so they shot,” He says.

“Oh” I reply.

“Ya”  “so” I say “ “do I ever get to see my new cabin?”

“Sure lets go” he says with a smile.

“Ugh I say I don’t think I can fold in my wings.” I say.

“Err let’s just walk everyone knows you have wings anyway.”

“Uh lily.”  “Ya Percy?”  “I have to wonder why do you have wings usually sons and daughters of Poseidon can’t go into the air or they die,” He says.

“Oh, I don’t know why my mom max had wings and I have wings. “

“Oh I wonder why Zeus hasn’t killed you yet if you always go into the air.”

“We will probably never know.”

“Ya probably, “he says.

“Ya lets go hurry I don’t like being looked at and whispered about.” I say

“Ya it’ll be ok same way when I first came, I killed the Minotaur.  He says with a laugh.  Pair that with being claimed and having wings that’s just as bad as me.”

“Ugh I say paired with a groan there staring at my wwwwiiinnngggsss.” I say in a winy tone.

“Just deal lil.”

“K perc.”


“Lil?” I retort back.

“Ok you got me.”

Then we reach a cabin with grey stone walls with pieces of shells.

“It beautiful” I say, In a whisper

He just smiles and walks in and says “well that’s new.”

“What’s new?” I say confused.

The chests and the bathroom.

“Looks like dad sent us some stuff,” he says.


“Well Perc want to show me the volleyball courts?” I say.

Then I see a brutish looking girl

She says to Percy, “is this her daughter of a big three?

Looks like it’s time for initiation.” She says with a smirk.

what is initiation?"

Then she starts to pull me to the girls bathroom and I understand


then i say no and i jump up from her grasp and kick her and then everything freezes.

the water everything.

then percys says "are you doing that lily?"

"ugh i dont know maybe?"

he groans then says "lil let go and make the water warm up again."

then i calm down.

the water unfreezes.

"how can i do that?"

then the centaur chiron says" lily as far as i know no one has ever been able to do that."

he also says it in a grave voice.

like im going to die.

and soon.........................

Thank you for reading everyone ill post soon

Hope you like my story.

<Britt> xx :) :D :P

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