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3.23 Day Fourteen: Parker

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At 2 am, we had eaten all the snacks. We demolished the sodas.

We played Uno a million times before exhausting it.

I crawled into the backseat to be beside Lizzie. Too tired to make any more decisions, Lizzie let the radio play. Every now and then, the connection would go all wonky and the static would fade in and out, then back to the oldies station. We lowered the seats and just listened to the music and stared at everything, the car's fuzzy gray ceiling, the dark world outside or the lifeless Miss Patty's Salon window, still mocking me.

Groaning, I stretched my legs out and draped them over Lizzie's thighs. I wedged myself between the door and the cushion and studied Lizzie's face. I said, "I'm bored."

She rested her hands on my legs, pinching my pants fabric. "Well, what do you want to do? Play another game?" Her round brown eyes stared back at me, expectantly. "We could walk up and down the sidewalk a little."

I bit my lip, trying to play it cool and keep my grinning at bay. "Wanna make out?"

Bursting with laughter, Lizzie rolled her eyes and she shook her head towards her window. Curling my legs back towards me, I hoisted myself up. I grabbed the seat handle and yanked it, making the backseat tilt back even farther. We both wavered and a surprised laugh flew out of Lizzie's mouth. She giggled, raising onto her elbows.

I told her, "I can't think of a better way to pass the time."

She rolled her eyes again and I realized that was the best reaction I could get from Lizzie. It meant that I just said the very thing that would make her heart flutter, the perfect thing to make her smile. I draped my arm over her head, leaning across her frame. She stopped laughing, sucking in her lips as her eyes flickered around my face.

With a warm smile, I used my free hand to caress her cheek. She was so soft to the touch and inside my palm, I could feel her body tingle. My chest tightened as the nerves set in. This part always made me nervous, but the need to kiss her beat out the fear.

"Can we?" I asked.

"Come here," she whispered and cupped my face.

I lowered my lips, pressing them against hers. Once. Twice. Three times, slow kisses that drowned out the radio playing. Lizzie took a deep breath through her nose as she arched her back just enough so I could slide my hand underneath. My fingers slid to the small of her back and I traced the line of her spine. Lizzie shivered and my smile grew. This kind of thing made sparks dance across my skin.

She combed her hand through my hair and I silently thanked the me a few hours ago that decided to leave it down. My lips parted hers as I slipped my tongue inside, whirling around and back and Lizzie followed my lead in this slow dance. Tasting her warmed my skin better than the richest hot chocolate, better than the warmest camp fire.

My hand wandered around and up her stomach. My hand brushed the edge of her bra and Lizzie shuddered again as her surprised gasp made me jump. I retracted my hand to meet Lizzie's eyes.

My blushing scorched my face as I blabbered, "Oh, uh sorry. I won't if you don't-"

"N-no!" she insisted. "I just..."

She blushed in return, sinking against the seat cushion. "It's just no one's really..." She didn't need to say more for me to understand and I wasn't so evil that I was going to make her.

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