The intervew

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Your pov
Rushing down stairs after getting ready I see Jack eating breakfast. Pulling out a chair to sit on, I see that he seems... concerned. "What's on your mind Jackie boy." He cringed at the mention of the nickname I gave him. "Yea... just a big maths test." Raising a eyebrow I replied, "Jack that's the oldest trick in the book." He gave a sigh and looked into my eyes. "There's a girl I like but she hangs out with a guy that picks on me."

Jacks pov
I hate lying to y/n, well I'm not really lying I do have a crush on that girl but I couldn't bear telling her about their secret. It's not my right, but I'll still be able to be with her and the Autodogs on the weekend. But I'm scared about the Deceptidogs they won't take kindly to another human.

I stare into her beautiful e/c eyes, her scar doesn't make her ugly. Yes I will admit it is terrifying how big it is but it suits her. Leaning down she gives me a hug and looks at me in a serious way.
"Jack if she doesn't like you for you then she doesn't deserve you. You deserve someone who loves you for who you are." "Y/n it's not like that it's just aahhh never mind."

Standing up I get my backpack and head out the door. Heading for the school bus I see a  large grey dog watching me in the corner of my eye. I blink and its gone. "Must have been a stray." I mutter to myself.

Getting on the bus I spot Miko and Raph. Heading over to them I suddenly trip on something. Laughing echoes around the bus. Not even bothering to see who tripped me I continue to walk towards my friends. "Hey Jack aren't you excited? Y/n's going to be a part of the gang!" Miko practically screams. "Yeah I'm just worried that they won't like her. We all know how Arcee is and Ratchet."

Miko's pov
How could he say that. They're going to love y/n! Shute she can be like a overprotective big sister at times and a real bore at times but she's awesome. Bulks going to love her! Smokescreen is going to give her such a hard time.

"Miko hello! Are you listening to me?"
Raph said snapping me out of my train of thought. "No I was thinking how amazing it's gonna be to have y/n a part of the group." He adjusted his glasses clearly annoyed.

Well today's going to be so boring at school. But right after school I'm rushing to base. I can't miss her first day!!

Raphs pov
Miko clearly wasn't listening to me and she had her usual scheming face on. What's she up to now?

I hope agent Fowler likes her. Looking back at my laptop I continue writing my surprise for y/n. Bees going to love her.

Your pov
Looking out the cars window I recall my dream last night. Primus, Primus why does that just make me feel safe. It's so strange.

The car suddenly comes to abrupt stop, bringing me back to reality.
"We're here."
It was a large one story building with lots of trees surrounding it.

Walking inside I see the last person I would expect. Big, chubby, black (not trying to be racist sorry😅)
"Agent Fowler!" I screamed running into him and hugging him. "Wow if I'll be a monkeys uncle is that you Melody!?" I laughed at his nickname for me. "Sure is Filer." He just laughed at my nickname for him.

No ones pov
June stood there behind you, mouth open and eyes wide. "I guess you two know each other?" You both looked at her eyes saying it all. "June why didn't you tell me you knew Mel- ahh y/n?" Asked Agent Fowler. "Didn't think it necessary." She simply started. "So kid I want to hear all about what you've been up to these past 5 years." "Wait can you two first tell me how you two know each other?"

Clearing his throat he replied merrily,"I met y/n here when she was 12 and had dropped out of school. I quickly became friends with the little song bird and tried to take her away from that nasty orphanage... but I couldn't." His tone became sad at the last part. Reaching his arms around you he said "I'm so sorry." You gave him a understanding smile while he traced your scar "No problemo Fowler it's not your fault and plus I live with June now."

His head suddenly turned to June "And you didn't think about telling me this?"
She gave a nervous laugh.

Time skip of 2 hours after you caught up with Agent Fowler (cause it's half past nine at night and I'm tired😔)

"And then I said "kiss my ass" Fowler laughed. June and yourself were crying tears of laughter. You had forgotten how to laugh this hard ever since he had left your life.

"Any way it's nice to see you again y/n and I heated you want a job here." "Right as ever." You said
His face turned serious and you did the same. "You do realize what types of dogs we have here?" "Giant dogs that go up to my cheek." He seemed satisfied with your answer

Picking up a pen he pulled out a piece of paper from a drawer in his desk.
Handing the pen and paper to me I see a title saying "Dogformers animal shelter"

Your pov
My heart skipped a beat when I saw the name on the piece of paper. The same name as Primus said who's god he was. Snapping back to reality I looked into Fowlers eyes. "What does that mean?" I pointed to the word dogformers and his face lit up. "As curious as ever it seems, well that's the kind of breed we have here. They can be all different shapes and sizes but what makes them different is their colorations."

My heart gave a leap. I can do this no worries. Taking the pen I write down all my information and looked into Fowlers eyes. He had a huge grin on his face. "Welcome to the family y/n." "Thanks. When can I start?" "Right now."

June's pov
She looks so nervous and excited. He he she really is something. Walking down the passage way I can't but think what the Autodogs will think of her. I'm most worried about Ratchet and Arcee, they aren't very easy to convince. Prime will most likely be ok with her, Smokescreens going to run circles around her, Bulkhead will be very curious about her and Bumblebees. The little darling will be shy towards her at first but I'm sure he'll learn to love her.

But I'm very worried about the Deceptidogs. They wont take kindly to her but I know the Autodogs will protect her. I hope they will eventually trust her enough with their secret.

Your pov
Fowler opened up a door for me. It was large and looked very... protective.
Opening up the door and stepping inside I see a very basic room. It leads to other rooms but this one was very big. Balls and other dog toys are scattered across the room. There are 3 really big dog beds, they look like they could fit me.

Looking around something catches my attention. Where are the d-


A large object launches at me. I fall and land on my back. Something is pinning me down!

Looking up I see a pair of bright blue eyes. But they aren't just bright they're practically glowing.


The dog is grey and seems to have some black, silver, white and blue on it, but only a little. He has this cheeky look on his face. To be honest it looks like he's smiling. Woof.
He leans down and starts attacking me with his tongue. Licking every inch of my face.

I laugh as hard as my lungs will allow to, they felt like they were going to burst.

Fowler suddenly comes up and shoos the dog away. And I'm left gasping for air on the floor. That's never happened before.

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