Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Molly and Tim turned and walked out the door headed for the park.

" Wait you can't leave, your all I have left ... sense your Mother decided to go off and be with Bill" Edward called after them. Tim stopped so abruptly that he nearly knocked Molly off her feet. However, before Molly fell to the ground Tim grasped her around the waist pulling her to her feet again, before turning to his dad Tim looked at Molly.

"Go, I'll be all right" Molly said. With that Tim turned to his dad:

" What are you taking about... you could have avoided all of this but you chose not to"

" I know I could of ... but even if I had asked her about it would have driven her into Bill's arms faster" Edward said, and for the first time he started to cry. Violet walked over a gently put her hand on Edward's shoulder.

" Go, ahead and cry Edward, it's ok" Violet said soothingly

" Do you mind if I hug you Violet?" Edward asked crying harder then ever.

"No, I don't mind" Violet replied pulling Edward into a hug, Tim walked over to Molly and took her hand. Molly and Tim walked a few feet and sat on the sidewalk, talking. Violet looked back at Edward, she pointed behind them but whispered,

" Be quite, don't say anything" Edward trued his head looking at Molly and Tim. He realized the same thing Violet did.

" They really like each other, don't they?" Edward asked in a whisper

" Yes they do"

" Yeah" Edward said looking back down at Violet; Violet did something she might have never done. She pulled Edward into a hug again and kissed his lightly but passionately on the lips. Edward was shocked, but Violet's kiss felt so right, he pulled her even closer to him his lips parted beneath hers. Tim and Molly hadn't seen their parents kissing, Edward pulled away from Violet.

" Edward I am so sorry I don't know what came over me... I'm sorry" Violet pleated {in a whisper}

" It's ok Violet I shouldn't have hug you" Edward said in a whisper. Molly and Tim got up and walked back towards the house and their parents-who where still hugging-Molly nudged Tim in the side gesturing toward their parents.

" Do you think?" Tim asked in a whisper

" I don't know" Molly answered in a whisper. Violet let go of Edward, Edward turned to see Molly and Tim standing there.

"Molly we should be getting home it's getting late," Violet said walking towards Molly. Edward grabbed Violet's wrist as she walked by.

" Do you guys want to stay and watch a movie or something you know keep each other company" Edward asked looking Violet in the eyes

"Well...If you're sure?" Violet said

"Definitely" Edward said as they walked towards the house with Violet beside him. Molly and Tim looked at each other before walk hand in hand into the house. Molly and Tim entered the living room just after Violet and Edward.

" So what movie do you two want to watch?" Edward asked walking over to the cabinet were they kept the movies.

" How about a horror?" Molly asked looking at Tim

" Sure" Tim replied

"How about a romance?" Violet asked looking at Edward

" OK" Edward said as he took two movies out of the cabinet, one was " Love Comes Softly" {romance} the other was "Dead Before Dawn" {horror}. Edward walked over to Violet, Molly, and Tim and showed them the two movies.

" How about we watch the horror first then the romance?" Molly asked

" That sounds great, what about you Violet... Tim" Edward asked,

" I like it" Tim replied

" Me to" Violet added. So they all sat down on the couch: Molly sat next to Tim, she had her head on his shoulder and he had his arms wrapped around her. Edward sat next to Violet, he made sure Tim and Molly weren't looking then he wrapped his arms around Violet, Violet laded her head on his chest. After about an hour Violet took her head off Edwards's chest and pulled out of his arms then she said,

" Edward can I talk to you in the kitchen please"

" Ok" They walked out into the kitchen {which was right across from the bedroom}.

" What is it Violet?" Edward asked

"Oh...I... nothing" Violet said in a whisper gesturing for Edward to do the same,

" Well if there's nothing you want to tell me then I'll just tell you what I wanted to then, but is hole whispering gets me nerves... so do you mind if we go into the bedroom... and no I don't want to try anything". Edward said as he took Violet's hand pulling her toward the bedroom.

" Wait" Violet, said so low Edward almost didn't hear her; she let go of Edward then walked over to the door {leading outside}

"Kids me and Edward are going out said for same fresh air, just so you know"

Violet said then waited a few moments then opened and shut the door. Then she gestured for Edward to go into the bedroom; she followed him, shutting the door quickly behind her.

" So what did you want..." Violet began but Edward walked over picked her up off her feet, wrapping her into a hug: Kissing her passionately on the lips. Violet wrapped her arms around Edward's neck, her lips parted beneath his. After what seemed like forever Edward let go of Violet.

" Violet I'm sorry I just..." Edward began

"No, don't... I kissed you the first time, so know we're even" Violet said with a giggle

" But if this keeps up and we end up going out ... and getting married were will that leave Molly and Tim?" Edward asked

" I don't know but no matter what we can't let this go any further for their sake" Violet replied with a sad smile

"I know but ...even when Bill still: you know... still wanted to be with you and Carla still want to be with me... I liked you, more then you will ever know"

Edward said stepping away from Violet trying to resisted wrapping her in his arms and kiss her.

" You did?" Violet asked

" Yes, ... you know I'm trying really hard not to wrap you in my arms and kiss you right know... and when you look at me like that it makes it harder" Edward said weakly.

" I know I feel the same way... ok I can't stand this anymore, let's go back by Tim and Molly maybe then we wont to so tempted to be in each others arms" Violet said as she turned and walked out the bedroom door

~~ I know, I know, please dont shoot me lol. I titled this "A Weird Love story" for a reason.. what do you guys think? Should they get togeather or not?~~~

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