Black Water (Chapter 1)

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This is the second book I've ever tried writing, and I know it's not got the best grammar and spelling in the world, I'm currently re-writing it. But for the time being bare with and also in my newer books you can see an improvement in the way I write as whatever advice I get here I put into action on my other stories. So thank you in advance if you are going to give some helpful tips.

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"Hey baby." Somebody murmured from above, their shadow falling over my book as. I looked up slightly and could see their jeans between my hair.

"Hi jerk." I said sweetly when I saw it was Cameron.

 He pulled a face at me and then stuck his tongue out at me. His blue eyes sparkling at me. He knelt down in front of my desk. I looked at his face, and smirked, then looked back to my Book.

"You really know how to break my heart, Miss Alison." He said.

"You don't have one," I replied. "And don't call me that." Not bothering to look up.

"Ouch, 1-0 to Ali." He leant over my table taking my book off me. I tried to reach for it but he held me back with his other hand. "Hmmmm, after studying this book carefully I declare it boring."

He dropped it on to my desk, losing my place. I didn't care because it was some boring trigonometry book. Not my ideal choice of reading material but I hadn't studied all summer. Sighing, I put it away.

"Boring or un-boring, it's kind of important to get a job. You can't do that by just looking hot and having muscles." I said,

"Was that a compliment Al?"

"Probably the only one you've heard." I smirked. Cameron wasn't that bad, he had short blond hair that he spiked up just slightly to get it looking like he'd been surfing. His fashion sense was a little off, sometimes he wore Hawaiian style shirts and other times he could be seen in baggy artsy shirts.

Cameron slid into the chair next to me and draped his arm around me.

"Arm Off." I said pulling his arm off of me and putting it by his side. He laughed at me and shook his head at me.

"Are you doing anything tonight?" He asked causally.

"Yes, avoiding you." I replied shortly.

 "How long are you going to keep pretending you don't like me?" he asked his eyes sparkling with hidden laughter. My legs felt like jelly when he looked like that at me. There's just one small problem, Cameron goes through girls like Paris Hilton spends her daddy's money. Not something I want to get into, I don't want to ruin our friendship.

"Who's pretending?" I laughed back at him. Cameron sniffed and then continued.

"Well if you get bored of that there's a back to school party tonight, one of the deserted halls everyone's going." 

"Ew Cheerleaders." I said. I knew most of Cameron's friends were jocks and cheerleaders seen as how he was on the swimming, basketball and football teams.

"I'll keep them away you."

"If I do come then make sure you lock them in the basement."

"It's a date."

"You wish." I said. Cameron sighed and opened his mouth to say something. But he was interrupted by a shriek from the front of the class. I snapped my head to see what the commotion was about. There covered in flames was Billy, a kid that had been moved up two years in order to take senior classes. After only a seconds hesitation I let a stream of water pour over the poor boys head, extinguishing the flames but leaving him drenched in the process. Four beefy and broad guys turned and sneered at me.

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