chapter nine

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Its currently lunch time and we're sitting in the middle of the oval as freshman boys play football around us. I didn't show up to school on Friday, the day after the whole breakup thing happened and I didn't tell anyone anything about it except Hannah, who I let tell Elmo.

It was now Monday and I'm telling the other girls what had happened.

"We're so sorry. So fucking sorry" Addy exclaims.

"No. This is all my fault" Hannah Kim says, placing her hand over mine.
"You decided to be the most selfless person and help me fix what's wrong about me. Anthony and I are stable and in love and that couldn't have happened if it wasn't for you. And because  of you being so selfless, you stood up for me and even broke up with your boyfriend for being a dick to me"

"Well, not only was he a dick to you, he was part of the reason that made me insecure again. Don't lie and say that my outfits used to be so good" I say.

"They were fire!" Jada says.

"They were" Hannah R agrees.

"Exactly. Now I'm too scared to wear anything that shows the figure of my body"

I look down at my sweat pants and hoodie that I wore to school today, rather than my jeans, denim skirts, crop tops and stuff.

"But you're-"

"Hot! Gorgeous! Elmo made that dumb fucking comment about me and everyone laughed at it, including Jaden which makes me think that all of them were rude to me. I understand that boys will be boys, laughing at every joke they hear but I gave Jaden a look that told him that I was hurt"

"And he still laughed?" Hannah Kim asks.

"Laughed his ass off"

"Even Andre?" Gabby asks.

"Even Andre. The only guy who didn't laugh was Chase, and because of that I wore his merch" I say.

"And he called you hot because of that, which pissed Jaden off" Hannah adds.

"I don't wanna tell them myself because it makes me sad whenever I even think about it. Can you?" I ask her as she nods.

I loved how she already knew I was talking about but it's kind of obvious what it was anyway.

"Well, Jaden told her that she loved her" Hannah says as everyone gasps.

"That's right. Okay next topic, you guys feel like eating oranges or is it just me?" I ask.

"No no no. Sis, you gotta let your feelings out!" Addy says, placing her hand over mine.

I didn't hesitate to do so.

"Well, the thing is that I really fucking love him back! But he was the first one to consider actually calling quits when all I wanted was a break but I didn't want to disagree because I wanted to act like I was tough and didn't want to embarrass myself"

"Mars, it's not embarrassing to fight for what you want. If you really wanted the relationship with Jaden to continue you should've fought for it!" Jada says.

"Yeah! Boys are so stupid and don't think before they speak so you gotta speak for yourself" Gabby adds.

"I kind of want to talk to him but I don't know what to say. Do I just say 'Hey Jaden, I'm sorry for fucking around and getting mad at you, I love you too, you wanna get back together?'"

"That's actually perfect" Addy says as the girls agree.

I smile a little as the bell rings. We get up and walk to class.

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