Chapter 1

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Living in the forest isn't as bad as some might say, it's a lot better then what the city sounds like. Personally I wouldn't know anything about living in the city, I was born in Alice Springs QLD, Australia and lived there until I was 19. When I graduated year 12 I wanted to save up enough money to be able to go and live in Skopelos, Greece where mum lived when she was younger. She was always telling me stories of where she lived and how she wanted to travel around the world, she only got to go to half the places she wanted because when she was seeing the King Canyon she met dad and decided to stay there with him, anyways enough about that.

When I was 24 I wanted to take a trip to Germany because mum went there and she said it was beautiful and I finally had enough money to go so I took the opportunity and went for it. Thinking back on it now it probably wasn't the best idea but it was amazing the first couple of days I was there.

Ever since I was young I was always drawn to the forest. I always thought the trees were talking to me and the wind in my hair as I climbed them was and still is an amazing feeling. When i went on my holiday I went hiking through so many different paths it was so nice that I accidentally took a wrong turn and got stuck in the forest but to my surprise as I was walking around aimlessly the wind picked up and it was almost like it was telling me where to go.

After letting the wind take me I found my way back to the path and left to where I was staying and ever since then I felt wrong being away from the forest and the trees, I also found it strange how it felt like the wind was trying to push me in the direction to go back to the forest. After much consideration I decided to go back and as I arrived I didn't bother going through the tracks I use walked straight in and after that I didn't leave.

Of course I let mum and dad know the situation and they were completely ok with it, almost suspiciously but I didn't really want to keep talking about it and when I got off the phone I threw it away, I didn't need it anymore and there is no electricity to charge it out in the forest so no need.

Anyways back to the present, I'm walking through a undiscovered track through my forest. Enjoying the breeze and looking up at the stars, where I'm headed at he moment was a little waters edge. It was really a cliff but it had this nice little stream and it was so beautiful i loved going there during the day because the water was so clear that i can see all the little fish swimming around, what it's really nice it the lake not to far away from it I loved to just swim in the fresh water. It's also a nice thing that I don't have to look out for fresh water crocs.

They are always a pain , literally if you go anywhere near one it will eat you so being able to swim with out worrying is always fun.

As I'm walking over a fallen tree I see clouds start to roll in but the strange thing is they are coming in fast, unnaturally fast. It's scaring all the animals they are running away as if something bad is about to happen, as lighting flashes and thunder booms I start to run but as i do this thing falls from the sky and land around a hundred meters in front of me.

So I won't be doing author notes every chapter because I don't feel the need to.
I hope you enjoyed the first chapter, I don't have a specific time or day I will update I have my last year of school and it will get stressful but i hope you vote, comment and enjoy.
Also I am an Australian so the language will be a bit different for example mum etc. The picture is a photo of part of Alice Springs and Skopelos is a real place but anywhere else in the story will be made up unless stated otherwise :)

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