[Stealing the Protagonist's Mom] 二

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"Did you hear the sound of something shattering?"

"Maybe their situation was too intense." Lin Yuhao smiled plausibly and knocked on the door of the lounge.

"Nie-ge, are you in there?"

"En." Nie Chenyuan slowly bent down as approached Qingyun's tender immature face. (T/N: "En." means yes or is a sign of approval.)

Qingyun's face remained unchanged and he stayed calm and composed. Seeing this, Nie Chenyuan could not help but sigh as he admired and appreciated the youth beneath him.


It was silent behind the door, but there was a faint sound of the door opening. Nie Chenyuan arose slightly and facing in the direction of the door, he used a hoarse voice to say: "Yuhao, you'll spoil my moment if you come in at this time."

Lin Yuhao couldn't help but show a derisive smile after seeing two overlapping figures on the sofa through the small gap when he opened the door. Easily blinded by beauty. Leaving the Nie family in Nie Chenyuan's hand would be no good. It is better for him to use it.

He closed the door and took hold of his partner, and turned away. "I'm afraid Nie-ge is busy at the moment. I'll greet him later."

The Tao of Heaven's presence slowly drifts away until it dissipated.

However, Qingyun did not dare to relax and remained focused on Lin Yuhao's movements.

"Still haven't touched enough?"

Nie Chenyuan whispered softly into Qingyun's ear.

Qingyun returned to his senses in an instant and kicked Nie Chenyuan down onto the sofa while heading to the bathroom.

Nie Chenyuan sat on the floor not knowing whether to laugh or cry, "Are you the type to play and go? Crossing the bridge then burning it down?"
(T/N: he's asking if QY just discarded him after taking advantage of him.)

The presence of the Tao of Heaven had completely withdrawn from this world.

Qingyun breathed a sigh of relief as he carelessly washed off his bloodstains under the flowing water along with the place Nie Chenyuan just touched.

Being a cautious person by nature, Qingyun acted as if he had let down his guard at the moment, but secretly scrutinized the man on the sofa.

"You are... Nie Chenyuan?" Qingyun asked tentatively, enouncing the three words "Nie Chenyuan" distinctly.

Nie Chenyuan looked at him in surprise. He gave him a light smile and said, "You know me?"

Sure enough.

Before, when the Tao of Heaven tried to annihilate his soul, Qingyun forced himself to devour some of the energy from the Tao of Heaven in order to fake his death. After all, there was a difference between the energy that the Tao of Heaven used to kill him and wound him. All this energy lead to Qingyun's body being destroyed.

However, Qingyun's soul still contained the remaining power left by the Tao of Heaven which impelled him to continuously reincarnate.

In addition, when the two energies collided and merged during a critical moment, it reconstructed Qingyun's soul, granting him special abilities.

It was only because of this that he was able to escape into this small world without any obstacles. Moreover, Qingyun's soul could also disregard the rules laid down by the Tao of Heaven; allowing him to extract information about the world's plot and some of the characters.

Since Nie Chenyuan is the protagonist's stepping stone in order for him to improve, Qingyun was able to identify him.

But can he still leave? (T/N: leave, as in leaving this world.)

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