British Citizenship - The wings to fly your dreams

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The growing economy and increasing consumerism have developed the human mind to strive hard for a better living. The people around the world aspire to visit the countries across the globe. The pleasanter living in the UK attracts more people to visit the nation and settle there if possible.

Want to know the opportunities of visiting the UK or acquiring citizenship in the beautiful country?

The Laws and procedures in the UK are complex and require expert assistance to complete the process successfully.

There are various ways in which the candidate can apply for citizenship in the UK. They are:-

1. If the candidate is born in the UK

If the candidate is born in the UK, then he/she is considered eligible to acquire the British citizenship provided other eligibility conditions are met.

2. If the candidate has moved to the UK

If the candidates have moved to the UK to acquire British Citizenship then they can apply for the same by qualifying other criteria.

3. If the candidate is married to or is in a civil partnership with a British Citizen

The candidate can apply for British Citizenship if he/she is going to marry or enter into a civil partnership with a British Citizen qualifying other conditions.

4. If the candidate has an indefinite leave to remain in the UK

The candidate is eligible to apply for the ILR five years of residing in the UK. The candidate is then eligible to apply for citizenship after 12 months of living in the UK after getting the ILR.

There are other possibilities of being eligible to apply for British citizenship.

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