Toy Con

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"Hey, has anyone seen my keys?"

Luke opened his mouth and Bertrams' keys fell out when he took a bite of his sandwich. I squinted my eyes in confusion when I saw that and glanced at my sandwich, curious of what other ingredients were inside.

"Found them." Luke says, dangling the keys from his fingers.

"Oh. Thanks." Bertram says, taking the keys. "By any chance, has anyone seen my nose-hair trimmers?"

Emma and I quickly retracted from eating our sandwiches and gagged. I think I tasted some hair in it now that I think of it.

"Feel free to take a look." Emma offers.

"Go ahead." I suggest and Bertram seemed downcast and distracted.

"Sorry, guys, I just can't seem to focus these days." Bertram admits as he sits down next to me. "And O feel all woozy inside."

"Maybe you're sick". I reason.

"It's Salma Espinosa." Bertram confesses and I was still confused.

"Is that contagious?" Emma asks us, worriedly.

It's not a disease! It's the name of the most beautiful woman on Earth!" Bertram confesses and I smile sweetly at him. "She's the neighbor's personal Chef, and let's just say she is one hot tamale."

Emma and I shared a smirk before she replies.

"Bertram, we're going to help you get Salma." Emma declares as she stands up and I copied her actions.

"Oh. Absolutely not." Bertram denies, standing up and started to leave.

"But aren't you tired of spending your nights polishing your nesting dolls with your tears?" I reasoned, making him stop.

"Yes!" Bertram cries, turning to us and Emma and I pouted, sadly. "But there's no way I'm letting you three meddle in my personal life."

He leaves after that and I sigh.

"Okay." Emma and I agree and we turn to Luke.

"Just to be clear, we are going to meddle, right?" I asked Luke, who was eating chocolate.

"Just Michael Phelps at the Olympics." He tells us and Emma and I gave him a high five with a grin.


Later that day, Emma, Luke, and I comprised a plan to get Bertram and Salma together. I haven't know Bertram for terribly long but I want him to be happy and this woman can definitely help with his happiness.

Emma and I were anxiously waiting in the lobby for Luke to call and give us the cue to call Salma down to the lobby so she and Bertram can talk. Emma called it Beauty and the Butler, which is a pretty clever name.

My phone rang and I put it on speaker for Emma to listen.

"Luke, are you almost here?" I asked him.

He tells me he is and I smile.

"Great. Initiating Operation Beauty and the Butler." Emma declares as we both go up to the phone in the lobby. "I'm calling her right now."

Emma calls Salma on the desk phone and uses a fake, deep voice. "Salma Espinosa? Yo, this is Tony from the lobby. I need to see youse down here real quick. Go jets!"

Emma hangs up and I raise an eyebrow at her. "Really? The voice?"

"Admit it, I sound like Tony." She grins and I roll my eyes, chuckling.


Luke ran in and Bertram walked in behind him. A woman with beautiful, dark brown hair and flawless, tan skin walked out of the elevator. She was tallish and I believe she was Mexican or Spanish, she was insanely gorgeous. I ship her and Bertram.

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