Chapter Thirty-one

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I can't believe it, but we made it another week! Thirty nine weeks and three days and you're still resting comfortably inside your mother's beautiful belly. I thought for sure that as soon as Dr. Sumner removed the cerclage last week that we'd be holding you by now. But if you're happy staying put where you are, then that's fine by me. At yesterday's appointment, we got to take a peek at you. Dr. Sumner performed another ultrasound and internal exam and it seems that you are starting to make your way into the birth canal. Your head is down and you're getting into position. It could be anytime now, even though you could technically stay put for another full week. He told us the average interval between cerclage removal and delivery is somewhere around fifteen days. So you just might go beyond the forty week mark and Easter Sunday after all. Mommy has gained twenty-nine glorious pounds and Dr. Sumner predicts that you'll be tipping the scales around the seven pound mark.

Can it really be true? Are you really almost here? I've read the final chapters of our pregnancy guides at least half a dozen times over the last week. Your room is ready, the car seat is secure inside Mommy's SUV, and all your tiny clothes are washed and folded. I just wish your mom was feeling better. She's been battling some awful allergies that popped up a few days ago and she just isn't herself. She's been the picture of health throughout her entire pregnancy and I hate to see her running out of steam just as we get to the finish line. The doctor prescribed a safe antihistamine, but she's afraid to take it. She's been strictly by the book and I don't think she'll give in to the tree pollen monster with less than a week to go. We've tried every homemade remedy that Leo and I can think of, but nothing seems to work. Maybe the fact that Grandpa Huck is driving in tonight will perk her up a bit. It's nice that he'll be here with us this weekend for Easter. Will you be here for Easter? That seems to be the millionaire dollar question lately. Just two more days, and we'll know for sure.

We finally decided on a middle name for you. We've been back and forth through our baby name books and page by page through the book where we found your first name. Actually, your Grandpa gave us a hint about your middle name, though he didn't know it at the time. We were talking about names during Christmas and he mentioned something that stood out to your mom and me. We talked about it and agreed it was perfect for several reasons, as long as you arrive when we think you will. So I am happy to report that you will enter this world with a first, middle and last name.

Well it seems that I'm now late for a board meeting. I just had a few minutes to jot these thoughts down, and like always, our time together slips by too fast. If it's going by this fast on paper, I can't imagine how quickly the days will go once you are here. With each line, I wonder if this will be the last letter I write before I'm holding you and looking into your face. I know I've tried in the past to describe how incredibly blessed I feel to be sharing this journey with your mother. But the words necessary to convey the intensity of my feelings escape me. Seeing her change and grow has been the most humbling experience. Everyday I am inspired by her love and commitment, not only to me but to keeping you safe and healthy as you float in quiet darkness inside her. I have had the pleasure to gaze upon some of the most exquisite landscapes in the world and behold many priceless works of art and none of them can compare to the beauty that I have witness in your mother over these past months. I truly am the luckiest man in the world.

I love you!


Dear LP,

Thirty nine plus weeks and no sign that you're ready to leave the confines of my uterus. It must be really cozy in there, because you've all but given up your fetal gymnastics. I guess your baby condo is quickly running out of square footage. I hate to rush you but we're all very eager to meet you and celebrate what will be the happiest day on our calendar—your birthday. Grandpa Huck got here yesterday afternoon and you know how impatient he is. Let's not keep him waiting too much longer. He settled all his affairs just to be here with you from the moment you take your first breaths. I can hardly believe that we're almost to the forty week mark. The Easter Bunny arrives tomorrow—will you? Or will Daddy and Uncle Leo loose their bets? From the time Dr. Sumner confirmed your due date, they've been convinced that you would arrive on Easter Sunday. Let's keep them in the black, shall we?

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