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This is my first time translating so it may be a bit sh*tty and it might (will) contain some errors. But please enjoy this novel anyways! (I will fix any mistakes along the way, won't change much)

I'm actually reading along with you guys as I'm translating so I don't know what would happen in the future. This novel is completed and if you want to support the author, then please go on to do so.

I believe that people who love Face of the Devil would love this novel too. It's 159 chapters long, I didn't see any extras but I'll double-check if there are.

**Update: no extras, sry**

Lastly. Please don't repost this translation anywhere else (the original is on, go there for faster updates). I posted it on Wattpad so that you guys can enjoy offline reading so please don't ruin this for everyone.

Started on: 10/6/19
Translator: Shan
Editor: Panda (PandaJ18)

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