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That fucking bitch

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That fucking bitch.

I sat in bed wide awake with a cup of tea in one hand, and Mr. Whiskers (my stuffed teddy) in the other.

Why did I name my stuffed teddy bear Mr. Whiskers you might be wondering?

It's a very long misunderstood story.

A story for another night.

The story that we'll be focusing on tonight is a very different story. This one involves no teddy bears... but rather, one Christian fucking Ivanov.

One hour earlier...

"Thank you." Christian whispered again after some time. I was going to respond, most likely tell him that it really was no problem, but Christian didn't give me the chance to.

He instead did something completely unexpected...

He closed the distance between us, and connected his lips to mine.

My body completely froze as his lips grazed mine. It all happened so quickly, I wasn't even sure if it was really happening or if I was dreaming it. It was just a peck, but when he pulled away, I found myself wanting to pull him down to me again. To make sure I understood that this was really happening and I wasn't imagining it...

...for research purposes of course.

When he did pull away moments later, his eyes found mine. His were still calm and collected, however there was an intensity to them. They bore into mine as he stared down at me.

I'm sure I had to look fucking mental as my body refused to move a single inch. My feet felt like they were placed in cement.

"Goodnight, Alex." He whispered to me, before pulling away completely. He slipped his hands casually into the pockets of his dress pants, then he turned around and left me.

Still standing frozen at my door.

Staring at his back as it disappeared down the corridor.

I was at a complete loss of words, thoughts, brain cells, you fucking name it. I hadn't managed to move a single inch from where I stood, until the door across the hall from me opened up. Mrs. Penelope was standing there with her cat bundled up in her arms.

"What a lovely young man you got yourself, Alex! I don't mean to pry- I was setting some canned food out for Darla here when I heard all the commotion through the door. These walls are awfully thin, you know. Anyways I ended up taking a peep through this little peep hole right here and that's when I saw you with that lovely young man and I just-"

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