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THE NIGHT BREEZE was crisp outside, but roseanne had no idea about that since she was indoors, lying down on a carpet as she stared up at the high ceiling of the flat.

she felt really stressed out, she had crammed her pile of papers she needed to finish for her courses, and she treated herself by smoking one joint. 

she closed her eyes as she let the tension in her body leave and her muscles loosen.

she wanted more, she should get more, but she should not, she had to limit herself or else she was going to be entirely fucked, way before her roommates and best friends would come home to her unable to stand up from the floor yet again.

rosie coud not count the numerous times in which they had went home to rosie stoned as fuck, sleeping on the floor, proclaiming that the floor won’t seem to let go of her.

there were particular moments like that that left such an impression on rosie; especially her top three stoned moments.

first; was the unforgettable first time, it was more due to her curiosity and impatience; rosie had grown in such a reserved, lawfully moral christian family, she had always been so obedient in fear of disappointment. 

when she finally got the little freedom from the palpable judgement the place she called home had always given, she gave in the first sign of temptation.

one of her hippie classmates had invited her to a ‘chill’ party, chill in that instance meant a pot session in a makeshift hotbox inside a shoebox apartment of one of the other artsy pantsy kids like her.

if it wasn’t for this pretty girl named jisoo — she’s a year ahead of rosie — rosie wouldn’t be able to get home back to her flat at all.

jisoo did not leave rosie alone.

rosie was stubborn too, the moment she had stumbled down, she never dared to get up anymore, this forced jisoo to lay beside rosie.

“can you please hold my hand?” rosie asked.

“of course, it’ll be my pleasure.” 

jisoo did hold rosie’s hand. rosie’s roommates found them in such a strange situation like that, but it wasn’t the last of them catching the two girls in compromising positions.

second; rosie was losing sleep quite a lot, she remembered having had been given joints as a birthday present from her hippie artsy pantsy classmates and friends, so she had gone to find them among her pile.

she had one, two, three and possibly four; she felt so heavy and then soon she passed out on the floor, like she always did. it was nothing new.

except this time she had been knocked out for almost more than twelve hours, this had alarmed lisa and joy (her roommates), they tried her door but it won’t budge, she won’t answer. they asked jisoo if rosie was with her because during that time they had already been dating for a year.

rosie wasn’t with her.

they tried to call rosie’s phone and they heard it from the other side of the door.

the way lisa’s heart was beating in fear rattled her, joy felt like her heart moved to her throat.

the unsettling feeling of not knowing what happened to rosie reverberated through their whole system.

lisa had to kick the door of rosie’s room open, it came off of its hinges. rosie did not even startle from the noise and cries of relief her roommates had given out.

joy and lisa had gotten her on the bed, tried to check her pulses and soon jisoo had arrived and helped them in taking care of rosie.

in the middle of arguing about bringing rosie to the e.r. she had woken up with a lazy smile plastered on her face.

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