1st November. Day 1

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When I went to bed last night I intended to get up early and get my words down before breakfast.  I would then be able to have a fun morning with my family before heading off to my mum's birthday present. 

My brother and I gave her tickets to a murder mystery evening on a steam train,  and today was the day of the adventure. Unfortunately for my nano effort she'd banned us from bringing our laptops.  But we didn't leave till after midday. 

When I sat down to write I realised that my good intentions of properly planning hadn't worked.  So part of the morning was spent outlining the basic chapters.  (Writing the beats as the Self Publishing Podcast guys would say). I haven't attempted beats before and should probably have got them sorted before hand.

Similarly I haven't finalised all the character names yet but have used [Healer Name] and other similar place holders as a stop gap.  I learnt about this tip on my local nanowrimo kickoff meeting.  When I have the name I can easily search for [] and find the names that need replacing. 

I'm quite excited about how the story is progressing and hope to update Cleansing River on here soon. 

Daily word count: 1369

Total word count: 1369

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