BONUS Chapter: Happiness is better when you share it.

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"I missed you."

"Aw, Binnie, I missed you!"

Changbin sighed and readjusted their position. Face buried into Felix's neck he started to leave kisses.

"What are you doing?" Felix giggles.

"Hmm." Changbin responds now licking his neck.

"Ew! Weirdo!" Felix laughs, pushing Changbin's face away.

Changbin huffs and sneaks a peck on Felix's lips.

"You- I-" Felix stutters our completely red in the face.

Laughing Changbin pushes himself further into Felix. "So red," Changbin mutters, poking Felix's cheek.

"Shut up!" Felix objects, this time pecking Changbin on the lips. "Ha! Got you back!"

Changbin covers his red face.

Eventually too tired to continue their game, Changbin and Felix revert to snuggling close.

Changbin, practically on Felix's lap, whispers, "You know I'm not mad at you, right?"

"I know. I just-" Felix sighs. "Just feel guilty is all." Felix states, shrugging it off.

"You shouldn't feel guilty, I should. I didn't tell you I was sick and it left you worried. Besides, you're here now," Changbin smiles, "Just because I'm sick doesn't mean I need to be a hindrance to you."

"You're not a hindrance to me, I like taking care of you. You're my boyfriend, it's my job." Felix pulls Changbin down onto his lap and starts playing with his hair.

"But you have an actual job." Changbin whines, pressing his head towards Felix's hand.

"So? You'll always be my priority."

Changbin smiles, turning red. He latches onto Felix giggling giddily.

"I win." Felix smiles.

"Huh?" Changbin tilts his head.

"You're the most flustered!" Felix laughs.

Changbin playfully swats at Felix, as he dives into the blanket fort.

"Get back here!"

Sticking his tongue out childishly, Felix calls, "Make me!"

Both knew they would be happy, together.

Their relationship would be so cute! uwu

Too much cheese!

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