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Katie's Pov:
I don't know how I got here. And I don't know why I'm in here.

I wake up and I'm attached to a bunch of machines. There is a girl in a chair with her hand in mine. Her head is down and she's asleep. I slip my hand out of hers and I see that I have a ring on. Was I married or was I engaged?

The only thing I remember clearly is that I'm gay. Nothing else.

I lay there a few minutes until the girl beside me wakes up.

"Oh hey baby your awake" she said. I don't know who she was but she was really pretty.

"Um who are you". "You don't remember me". "No. Should I". "Well the doctor said that you might not remember but I just hoped you would remember me. It's ok though I'll help you remember".

After that she called in the doctor and he came in to check up on me. He let me go home. But where is my home. All I have to trust is this girl.

"Um excuse me can you drive me home" I said tapping the girl". "Of course silly, we live together". "You promise your telling the truth. Your all I have to trust and for all I know you could be taking me home to kill me". "I guess you'll just have to wait and see then". "I'm being serious". "I was just kidding. I swear on my life that you can trust me".

"Ok can you tell me your name then". She looked shocked at first and then the expression went away. "Yeah sorry I forgot for a second that you lost your memory. My name is Y/n".

I don't know why but that name sounds so familiar.

Either way, she got all my stuff from the hospital and then took me home.

I stepped in the house. Right when you walk in there are pictures of me and Y/n. I was looking at them when I got a flash of a memory.

It was just Y/n sitting on the couch watching tv with me cuddled up against her. She kissed me on my forehead and the she picked me up and carried me somewhere. That's where it stopped. After that I started to roam the house more to see if I could remember anything else.

Your Pov:
She walked in and started looking around. I'm not going to lie I'm upset she doesn't remember me. But does she deserve to. It might've been better if I would have just left but then she wouldn't have had anybody. I can't forgive myself after what happened. I keep blaming myself.

We were in the car and we were arguing about something stupid this obviously most likely lead to something bad. And that bad thing was that a truck hit us. If I would've just stopped arguing with her maybe I would've seen it. Everyone tells me it's not my fault but I just feel like it is.

She got hit the hardest and that's why she can't remember. I'm scared she's going to hate me if she remembers.

<time skip>
Katie's Pov:
The rest of the day I could only remember a few more things but nothing to really help.

It was now time to go to bed though.

"So I'm going to sleep on the couch and you can sleep in the bed because I don't want you to be weirded out or anything". "Ok goodnight". "Goodnight".

Then she left to go to the couch.

I laid in bed trying to go to sleep but I couldn't something was missing. So I went out to where Y/n was to see if she was still awake. Luckily she was.

"Y/n can you come sleep in the bed with me" I said quietly. "Are you sure". "Yes". "Ok".

She got up and we went back to the bed together. She distanced herself from me which didn't help me sleep.

"Y/n are you still awake?" "Yes". "Can I ask you a question". "Sure". "This ring. Are we married or engaged" I said pointing to the ring on my finger. "Engaged but you probably don't want to get married now. Not after what happened".

"What happened to me why can't I remember anything". "Do you really want to know" she said nervously. "Yes please".

"Fine. We were in the car and we were arguing about something and a truck hit us. You got hit pretty hard and that's why you can't remember. If only I could've seen that truck faster" she said crying.

I moved closer to her and she tended up.

"Y/n can I kiss you". "Are you su-". I cut her off and kissed her.

All my memory came back after that. I don't know how but that kiss made me remember.

"Y/n! I can remember everything". "That's not funny Katie don't play around". "I'm not kidding I remember. The accident wasn't your fault". "You don't hate me". "No I love you". "I love you too".

I kissed her one more time and then went to sleep soon after, wrapped up in her arms.

A/n: I just keep giving you guys straight garbage I'm sorry. Also I watched the supergirl episode yesterday and all I have to say is that I'm pissed on how they have made Lena act towards Kara.

Back to the little rants i do, my math teacher keeps emailing my mom because I just sit in that class and stare at the walk so now I'm getting trouble because of this ratchet man that is supposed to be my math teacher. He also emailed my mom because he told me to go to him during lunch and I didn't. This man is going to be the reason I drop out of school or run away.

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