Arc 1: [Stealing the Protagonist's Mom] 一

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Qingyun did not realize that he was a villain.

He was sitting upon a mountain in a wheelchair powered by lingshi, when he suddenly felt a sharp pain assault his head, forcing him to start coughing. (T/N: lingshi is a type of stone that provides some sort of energy. Cultivation stuff.)

One cough was followed by continuous coughing. At the bottom of the mountain, millions of armed soldiers who were ready for battle watched Qingyun's coughing fit, yet no one dared to move.

"That old monster's body cannot hold on any longer," the leading man raised his long sword to boost the troops' morale. "Everyone! We must unite and kill him today!"

Wenyan Qingyun (T/N: probably his full name, which is hella long) gave a light laugh, the silk handkerchief that was in his hand and stained with golden blood burned up silently, leaving not even a trace of dust behind.

"You are the hundredth one."

This dull voice traveled into his ears, causing the leading man who held up his sword to quiver with fear in his eyes.

Qingyun was a villain, although he did not understand what a villain was before yesterday.

Until yesterday, the Tao of Heaven watched the ninety-nine fatalistic sons (T/N: aka. protagonists) die in his hands. Finally, it could not take it anymore and forced Qingyun's soul to leave the body, controlling him to reincarnate, preparing world after world in order to dissipate his energy.

Qingyun was able to get some information due to the energy planted in his body by the Tao of Heaven.

This time, the "son of destiny" was right. Qingyun really couldn't hold on any longer. Although he had a high cultivation level, he could not fight against the Tao of Heaven at all.

But there'll always be a way.

Qingyun stretched out his hand, conjured his sword spirit, and aimed. Without warning, he attacked the leading man.

As soon as this attack broke out, the whole sky suddenly darkened.

Sure enough!

Qingyun's eyes glimmered with brilliance, he had been speculating about how the Tao of Heaven would react if he destroyed himself with his soul and refused to obey it.

The leading man at the bottom of the mountain just withstood Qingyun's attack, but the next attack came, one after another, fiercer each time.

Dark clouds slowly gathered on the top of Qingyun, they were as black as ink.

Qingyun acted as if he was in a frenzy, like a trapped animal struggling to death, but within the depths of his eyes contained tranquility. His goal is not the "protagonist" at the foot of the mountain, but the Tao of Heaven!

Finally, a thin black thunderbolt broke through the clouds and struck down in Qingyun's direction.

Qingyun's eyes glistened and there was a faint smile on his lips.

In the blink of an eye, the thunder disappeared into Qingyun's Heavenly Spirit, stirring him up from ** to the soul. (T/N: it was also ** in the original text)

The proud Tao of heaven will never allow an ant to resist it repeatedly. Since Qingyun was unwilling to be controlled, he will be completely erased.

The black thunder circled around for some time to confirm that Qingyun was eliminated, then slowly dissipated.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! I'll take you to change your clothes." The waiter with the tray hastily apologized. He looked at the wine stains on the man's delicate custom suit and bit his lips uneasily.

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