"Can I..." clearing my throat so that it didn't sound so husky, "Can I open my eyes?"

"Yeah." He said.

I opened my eyes cautiously, only to see a garden; with a small round table in the middle, two chairs, a checkered tablecloth, and a glowing candle in the middle. It was like a scene from the movies. The effort of planning all this, just for me really warms my heart. I never would have thought that anyone would have bothered. I'm just me; I didn't think I'd ever be worthy of this. I didn't realize I had a tear running down my cheek until Asher wiped it away. I looked up at this gorgeous mans face to see a soft smile.

"Thank you." I whispered, looking all around. There were roses and sunflowers and daises and lilies, I think anyway. I walked forward, admiring all the beauty, as Asher pulled out a chair for me.

All throughout dinner servers ran back and forth from the kitchen; bringing food out, refilling drinks, and taking dishes back in. It was perfect, while Asher and I made polite conversation.

"So, I'm guessing not everyone has this type of special treatment. Why are you so lucky?" Curiosity finally getting the better of me.

"My brother owns the place. I wanted to take you somewhere special, somewhere we can call our place." He suddenly chuckled, "Sorry that was a bit cheesy." He said with a beautifully boyish grin. I thought it was cute that he said that even though it was cheesy, only means he meant it.

"That's okay. So you have a brother?" I was kind of surprised, he or his sister hadn't said anything about a brother but then again I've barely said anything about my home life.

I watched on he nodded, "are you guys close?"

"Yeah, we are despite the eight year age gap. He's actually my half brother." I said in a soft voice.

"Ahh, okay. Well that's good that you guys are close though." I smiled and grabbed his hand across the table.

"Okay come on, time for part two." He says getting out of his seat and making his way over to me. I stood from my chair and held onto his outstretched. I thought he was only going to walk me out of the restaurant; but when he pulled me to him, shocking my system with tingles of fire across my skin. His arms wrapped around my waist made me stay in my place and wait for him.

I was starting to get scared by the time he finally parted his mouth. I've never felt anything for a guy, nothing compared to this. He was so sweet that it reminded me of those wattpad books; the one's where all the girls get sucked in to the charming guy, and yet he dumps them the next day after he's taken what he wants.

The emotions written all over his faces, especially in his eyes, were distracting me. The sound of my hand connecting with his cheek sounded loudly and those gorgeous eyes filled with shock and amusement. Probably because we have had a nice dinner, we both like each other, and I just ruined the moment.

"Don't. You. Hurt. Me." I said slowly, while feeling my bottom lip quiver.

His eyes softened and a small smile spread over his lips. I looked everywhere but at him; I'm pathetic, my only rule was to not show people the real me. The me that was afraid of spiders. The me that dreamed to get married and have kid's. The me that loathed being alone at night. The real me. And yet I had just shown him a small part of it.

"I wont hurt you, if you don't hurt me." He said looking straight at me. His hand in mine we walked out of the restaurant and to his car. Getting in the car with the sun was setting, we drove.

Only about ten minutes later we pulled into a parking lot in front of a small building. It didn't look too busy from the outside; as we got out of the car and walked closer I noticed it was an ice cream shop.

I realized, looking up to Asher that we were a rather quiet couple; but that was all right because it was comfortable, natural.

"Welcome to part two." Asher said as we sat down at a booth.

I started laughing as I looked around; families, children, women in pink and yellow, men in blue and green. My eyes made their way back to Asher looking him up and down then looking down at myself. We weren't exactly fitting in but the smile on my face wasn't going anywhere.

"So, have you been here before?" I asked Asher.

"Yeah. Me and my sister, Monique used to come here when we were kids. Haven't been for a while though." He said while I noted that he had a sister.

"So what's good?" Pulling out a menu and scanning over everything, the banana caramel sundae caught my attention. I looked up when someone cleared their throat; I immediately looked at Asher; and him looking at me. Again the sound came but not from us, looking up there was a waitress standing looking a little frustrated.

Noticing she had our attention, she smiled and leaned over a little to Asher, giving him a great show of her cleavage. I looked at him and almost couldn't contain a giggle. He sat pressed to the wall, looking so uncomfortable; but I was glad to see his eyes pointedly on the menu in his hands.

"I'll have the banana caramel sundae." I said in a fake cheery voice capturing the waitresses' attention.

"And I'll have a triple chocolate twist." Asher said, still avoiding eye contact with the waitress.

This time I actually did laugh, earning a scowl from the waitress, but with Asher smiling over at me I soon forgot she was even there. "Was there anything else?" she asked.

"No, there wasn't." This time it was me answering, but in a calm voice. Why wouldn't I be calm? I was on a date with Asher.

As we drove back to my apartment after finishing our ice cream I was suddenly saddened, the night was rapidly coming to a close.

"Wait here." Asher says as we come to a stop in front of my apartment. I felt kind of bad, I think I may have been quieter then usual tonight.

Asher opened my door and helped me out, and then held my hand as we walked to my apartment. As we stopped at my door I slowly turned to him while fetching my keys from my clutch. "So, goodnight?" I didn't mean for it to come out as a question but I just didn't know what to say.

"Yeah, goodnight." He said and opened his arms for a hug. I'm guessing he paused to make sure I was open with the physical contact, but I definitely was. When he moved closer I extended my arms out, one wrapped around his back the other resting against his side.

His arms were then filling me with a warmth that kind of scares me. Only because I've never experience it before.

I dropped my gaze to my hand feeling pure muscle underneath his t-shirt. Moving my hand up and resting over his heart, I could also feel the strong fast heartbeat under his skin making me realize the match in its tempo to mine. A full, fuzzy feeling flooded me inside and out. A full, fuzzy happy feeling. Looking back up I inched closer and pressed my lips to his oh-so-delectable full lips. My hand entwined with his soft hair as he moved me closer and reached a hand up to my neck, holding me in position.

I swear there were fireworks. I've kissed a lot of guys and they can't even compare to this. This is magical.

A minute passed, then I let my tongue run across his lower lip. He let out a small moan, which seemed to be encouragement. I took his bottom lip with my teeth, gently nibbling on it to which earned me a sharper groan from the back of his throat.

The sexiest noise I've ever heard

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