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This is the interdiction

Korea union is the son of nk (north Korea) and china. soviet reich is the son of ussr and nazi. In this world boys can give birth too and girls can produce sprems . this is omega verse world. In this world there are three types of humans alpha beta and omega. alpha is the male type beta is the normal human type and omega is the female type female types means which can give birth.and the omegas produce pheromones to Attaract alpha once a month it just like periods but when alpha sences the phenomenon it goes wild and can't control itself.This is the love story between Korea union and soviet reich. soviet reich is uke and Korea union is seme this is my first time.
Ku(Korea union)
Soviet (Soviet reich)
Ku is a lot taller than Soviet and is older
Ku age - 23
Soviet reich(fourthreich) -21
Their personality
Soviet reich - physo like nazi and kind like Soviet Union. Edgy .
Ku- cool .
And I will say how they were born in next chapter. And more about them it is currently 12 :34 here so good night.

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