Chapter 17: 'Blood for blood'

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*Dedicated to Cashjo whose book 'The Chosen' is an intense, emotional hectic brilliant story that you should definitely read*

Cain opened his eyes and smiled wickedly. He was anxious to play with Taylor a little more.

His smile turned into a frown as he stretched his aching joints and came to the realisation that Abel had once again fallen asleep on the floor in front of the television.

Didn't the sad insufferable idiot not know what the hell a bed was? He could of got up and slept on the couch or even just have gotten a damn pillow. Cain slowly got to his feet groaning and stretching as he did. He held his right hand against the back of his neck and turned his head to the left clicking his spine then looking to the right clicking it again.

He stretched his arms out wide to either side of him, taking in a deep breath as he stretched his arms out wide. Cain then breathed out slowly bringing his hands in front of his face and rubbing his cold tired cheeks. He blew into his hands, rubbed them together and shook his body slightly as he bounced up and down on balls of his feet. Cain smiled wickedly again, today was going to be a good day. As he walked nonchalantly to the kitchen he heard a knock at the door. Cain stood frozen, unsure what to do. He stared blankly at the door.

Cain had never answered the door. Abel may have but Cain had never.

Nobody came to see them, nobody knocked on their door.

The knocking continued, whomever it was they were not going to leave until the door had been answered. Cain scowled menacingly. He already had a body to play with, this person at the door might just suffer a quick albeit very painful death if he didn't stop knocking.

Cain's anger rose with every knock until finally he could take no more.

He walked briskly and angrily to the door unlocking it and swinging it open angrily.

The door opened and James reacted quickly. He swung his right hand quickly hitting Cain in the jugular with the sharp-edge of his hand. He quickly followed up with a hard punch to Cain's chest, just below the heart. James then struck Cain in the nose with an open balm breaking the nose and causing blood to gush. Cain tasted the blood in his mouth and smiled wickedly. He felt the pain and it sent shivers of excitement running through his body.

James let loose with a flurry of vicious attacks, each attack brought a bigger smile to the demented face of Cain. Cain stumbled backwards and James stepped forward with a brutal hard kick to the chest of Cain knocking him off his feet. Cain hit the ground hard, his demented grin still plastered on his face. James knelt next to Cain and punched down with force rendering Cain unconscious. His father had taught him to fight from an early age.

The easy part was done, now came the part he feared.

In order to sever the shadow beasts tie to this world he had to inflict the exact wounds on Cain that he inflicted on Gabrielle. The one that brought forth the darkness must suffer the same fate as the innocent that was unknowingly sacrificed.

James quickly walked around the house following the shadows and the harsh feelings of death. He found a door that caused the darkness to explode inside his head.

He quickly ran back to fetch Cain's unconscious body, his heart racing and his head pounding. Intense pain coursed through his entire body. James struggled to lift Cain off the ground and onto his shoulders. He gritted his teeth, stomached the pain and walked towards the basement door with Cain over his shoulder. The shadows screamed inside his head, their screams getting louder the closer he got to the door.

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