XIV | The History of Magic

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A cough from the fallen chief woke Elnor from his nightmare. Ronald grunted in pain as he adjusted his posture on the leaf bed. The chief soon noticed that he was still in a hut, resting.

"Father... what happened to the tribe?"

"Don't you worry. Kajar led the alpha towards north. The rests of the dwindles are arming up, preparing to leave at dusk." Elnor uttered with relief as he saw his son, conscious and strong.

"What? They should lave left by now! The monster ---"

"Without the chief?" Elnor questioned his son abruptly. With a soft and weak sigh, he murmured, "The rests will die without your command. Even if the Alorians came to us, the dwindles rather die with you here, than withering away in the woods."

"Kanor can lead them. He's more than capable." Ronald argued firmly, still agitated by the fact that beta group did not leave the Elven Forest. 

"He could but... perhaps not."

Still lying on the leaf bed like an ill man, Ronald Biscus moved every muscle on his body and struggled to get control of them. He was still slightly paralyzed from the... clouds.

Recalling the eerie sense crawling up onto his clear mind, he feared once again. "What happened, father?"

Holding onto his wooden stick, he pushed himself against the force of nature and got to his feet. Elnor closed his eyes and focused, as if he were to meditate. It was common for elders to do so - connecting with their ancestors, inheriting the knowledge from the past.

Ronald raised his dwindles hands and cracked his bones as he twisted his neck to get a better control of his weakened body. Still, with thinking about the feeling that made he crashed, he uttered, "The clouds... those are blood magic."

"Indeed." Elnor replied him.

"An overwhelming and devastatingly powerful blood magic." Ronald muttered with horror. "Who is doing this, father? I thought blood magic was lost."

Elnor lifted his stick and knocked it back down towards the ground, "No." His voice with a sudden change, seemingly to have carried along the weight of the ancestors. "As long as there are magic bearers on this land, all magic is never lost."

Ronald remembering the tales of dwindles asked, "Do you mean those who carried the blood of dwarves and elves, just like us?"

"Yes. And the azlys." Elnor replied.


"Yes. The first men who set foot on this land and embraced magic."

"Where are all of them?"

"Gone." Elnor let out a huge sigh of despair, he spoke to his son, "It is not easy to understand the history of magic. You will seek the truth once you have connected with the ancestors."

"I saw blood magic. Is that enough for me to know the truth, father?"

Turning his back against Ronald, Elnor seemed to be avoiding the conversation. He took a few steps away from Ronald's leaf bed. "I cannot break the code of the ancestors. It is not for me to spill ---"

"The dwindles are in danger, father. It is because of those clouds." Silence swallowed the hut. "Isn't there an exception for me to know it earlier?"

"Yes." Elnor stopped his steps and looked towards his son. The code is to be broken during the return of magic. His eyes, yellow than ever, was staring sharply at Ronald. With a gulp to organize his thoughts, finally, Elnor began.

"The four pillars of magic - Psyche, Force, Blood and Light, dominated the Sevi Lands before the dragons demolished them. Psyche - the power to manipulate one's mind, was heavily practiced by the goblins, known as the Psyche Clan. Force - the power to move physical matters with merely thoughts, was mainly practiced by leprechauns, known as the Kein Clan. The battle of magic between Force and Psyche has been going on for millions of years."

Elnor took a break as he sat himself down next to Ronald. His son was carefully listening to the wisdom of the ancestors. Elnor continued.

"Just like Force and Psyche, the battle between Blood and Light had always been there. Blood - the power to corrupt one's liveliness, was practiced by the Blood Clan. Light - the power to heal one's life and bless souls, was practiced by the Light Clan."

Ronald digested the information he was given as he scratched his little fingers across his the back of his neck. He asked, "Our ancestors... they are magic bearers as well. Is that why we feel strongly about the magic of Blood?"

"Yes. The dwarves and elves were in the Light Clan, always fighting against the opposite magic of Blood. That is why, we feel the presence of blood magic so immensely." Elnor explained with a slight sense of grief.

Ronald, finally was able to sit upright, cracked his head while still absorbing the wisdom. He asked his father with curiosity, "Can we perform magic then?"

"Yes. But I'm afraid that will be tough."

"Why? The blood magic seemed to have returned. I suppose light magic should as well."

Elnor gave his son's words a deep thought. "I don't know about that, son. The ancestors have yet to pass down every wisdom to me. The world is full of mystery. What the ancestors have said may not be complete as well."

"I see..."

"The wisdom carried by our ancestors are unfortunately limited. Thanks to the Alorians, we are unable to see the world with a clearer view."

"I believe the Rogs have spoken. It is time for a change."

"This revolt... I hope the Gods of Fire treat us dwindles well unlike the last time when our ancestors tried but died in vain."

Ronald stood up and walked towards the door of the hut. He gave a quick peek towards the sky. Still, the ceiling of atmosphere was ruby - covered and overwhelmed by blood magic.

"We have to get going then." Ronald spoke with the confidence that he never had. "The magic was from Alora. The bloodcrawlers must have been cast from there. They are deadly dangerous, far more dangerous than the Alorian knights. We have to move now before the bloodcasters get us."

"Yes, indeed." Agreeing with the chief, Elnor stood up while resting the weight of his body on his wooden stick.

Elnor, closed his eyes once again. Connecting his senses of thoughts with his ancestors, he spoke with them.

"The old dwindles, the reprisal has finally come. Magic will overrule this land once again. It's just --- I couldn't believe that it would be Blood that came about first. I hope that the Rogs treat us well and return the balance of magic - Psyche, Force, Blood and Light to this very land. If not, the return of magic will only cause more havoc."

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