Speak Of The Unspoken

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  I woke up by a nudge in my leg making me stir a little in pain. My eyes weakly fluttered open as they adjusted to my surroundings. A pair of feet were be stood in front of me before I was pulled up into a kneeling position. "Morning sunshine." A voice chuckled as I slowly looked up, squinting as the light blinds me.

I rolled my eyes but stiffened once a machete was placed under my chin, forcing me look up. The person responsible seemed older than the rest, having a brown stub and a well built form. He seemed to be the leader.

Taking the time to take in my surroundings, I realized I was surrounded by a group of six, Sam included. Two were girls having one blue hair and one a light brown, and the rest were boys. One with red firey hair, one brunnete having long hair that was looped into a bun, another brunette which was the leader standing ahead of me. Then there was the traitor. Sam. Having his usual blond locks and blue eyes.

The leader studied my face a little, before lightly sliding the large blade from under my chin. "We'll start of easy." He spoke as he swung his machete around, circling around me. "How'd a lad like you find this place?" He interrogated, anger a bit evident in his voice.

I kept quiet, glaring up at him once he returned to his previous position. He raised an eyebrow, eyes digging into my scull. "I'm not telling you shit." I spat, flicking my pointer and middle fingers to the side, sending the redheaded guy flying back. Eyes darkening from anger, the brunnete in front of me threw a punch at me, soking me in the face.

I tumbled a little and feld backwards, feeling the deep agony in my nose erupt. Feeling the cold blood slowly sliding down my nose and onto my lip, I groan a little in pain before I was pulled back up. The redheaded lad was held back by the girls restraining him from- well possibly killing me.

"Let's try again." The stubbed leader growled as he harshly grabbed my jaw, forcing me to look up at him. "How, did you find this place?!" He barked, his eyes turning darker by the second as his grip tightened. "I was l-looking for a place to stay. U-Ugh." I whimpered, his threatening look intimidating me and breaking my act.

He kept his glare on me as his eyes softened a little. "Throw him in one of the cells." He sneered and I was suddenly pulled up and dragged away. I struggled a bit against the two holding me but they just tightened their grip more.

I laid my head against the wall as I stare at nothing in particular. I rubbed my wrists a little, the feeling of the rope once wrapped around them, still evident. Glancing up, I spotted Sam's eyes on me as he sat in one of the chairs, guarding me.

"What do you intend on doing to me?" I spoke up curiously, making him perk a slight. He studied me for a while before leaning back in his chair and rubbing his hands. "It's them who decide. I'm just a member of the group and nothing more. I don't make decisions but simply suggest." He replied, his voice quiet and gentler than before.

I nodded a little and glanced around the place, taking in my new home. If they don't kill me before that is. I looked back at Sam, unintentionally reading his mind. "You don't want to do this do you?" I spoke quietly, catching his attention.

"Stop." He growled, eyes turning a little darker with a tint of red. "You don't want to hurt me Sam. I know you don't." I said again, making him stand up in anger. "Shut up." He growled again, putting out his arm and clenching his fist, tightening my air ways and making it harder for me to breath.

I gasped for air and coughed, losing my breath slowly. "S-Sam.." I gasped as I grabbed at my throat, trying to instinctively breath. Sam only tightened the force as his eyes grew darker. It's like he was.. possessed.

"Please.." I coughed out again before suddenly his eyes shifted from blue to red and back to its natural blue. I gasped hard, and coughed out as my air ways loosened, majung it easier for me to breath. I watched weakly as a spirit left Sam's body, causing him to tumble down a bit.

My vision properly clearing, the 'spirit' slowly built up into a figure A human figure. That's when I realized it was the man bun lad. He has the ability to ghost. The rarest of the abilities we usually hear of. Suddenly feeling the world spin around me, my eyes drooped before darkness engulfed me fully and I passed out..

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