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This is book 2 in my Boys of Winter series. This book takes off where On the Rebound left off!

Allie Stewart has everything she wants. The love of a good man, a job where she's finally appreciated, and the very best friend a woman can have.

But when a call comes in the middle of the night from her frantic mother, she has no idea it will change her life forever.

Suddenly, Allie risks everything: her relationship with Will Cavallo, her job/career with the St. Paul Falcons, and even the clothes off her back.

She has only one shot to keep it all and that's to make a massive power play.

Just some quick notes.

This book will not appear on Wattpad in its entirety. This book will be a sample only. It is available for sale on Amazon, Apple, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Overdrive and many others. 

On the Rebound, the first book in this series will remain free on Wattpad, however, it is NOT fully edited and the new  and updated version available at all major retailers (you can buy it now) has an additional 50+ pages and does include all the steamy scenes. 

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