Chapter 38- shopping

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Zach's POV
That was embarrassing. At least he doesn't think I cheated. I invited him over to my house so he's on his way.
I quickly put a comb through my hair and wear a blue long sleeved shirt, black skinny jeans on and a pair of white vans.
I then hear a knock on my door so I quickly run downstairs and open the door. I see Jack standing there.
"Hi baby" he says and hugs me.
"Hi" I smile into his chest and hug back.
We come inside and sit down on my couch.
"Wanna watch the office?" I ask Jack.
"Sure" Jack responds.
We watch some of The Office until Jack asks me a question.
"So, Zachy, what was your dream about?" He asks me with a smirk.
I blush.
"Ummm... " i say embarrassed.
Jack cuts me off by pressing his lips against mine. We make out for a while and it was the most heated thing we've done ever, but we didn't go as far know... getting undressed.
"I love you princess" Jack says caressing my cheek.
I blush at the name because I love it when he calls me that.
"I love you too Jacky" I say and give him a peck on the lips one last time.
"So, babe, do you want to go to a party tonight? Corbyns hosting." Jack asked me.
"But remember what happened last time when we went a party?" I say worried.
"I'll make sure nobody will touch you." Jack says.
"Promise" jack responds.
"What should I wear?" I ask standing up from the couch.
"Babe, the party's not until 5 hours." Jack explains.
"Yeah, I know, but I need to look my best." I say whipping my imaginary hair.
Jack giggles at me.
"Something casual and not too revealing because I don't want anyone looking at my baby." He says.
"Okay, come help me choose something." I say taking Jacks hand and pulling him up to my room.
I bring him to my closet and he starts looking at some things.
"I don't see anything yet. Ooo! I know!" Jack says excitingly.
He takes my hand, pulls me down the stairs, and outside.
"What are you doing Jack?" I ask.
"We are going SHOPPING!" He says excitingly.
I laugh at him. He calls an Uber to pick us up, hopefully this ones not like our last one.
As the Uber arrives we hop in and hold hands.
"Are you guys a couple?" The lady driving the Uber asks us.
I look at Jack worried about what's going to happen this time.
"Yes, we are." Jack says squeezing my hand.
"I knew it! You guys are so cute together." She says nicely.
"Thankyou." I say.
She finished driving us to the mall and we tip her. We walk in the mall and go to Hollister first.
We look through some clothes and I find some nice jeans to wear while Jack found a shirt.
"What store next?" I ask.
"I have an idea!" Jack says pulling me. He stops at Gucci.
"Jack, I cant afford this." I say.
"Who said you were paying for it?" He said.
"No Jack you can't do that." I say.
"It's fine Zach, you deserve it." He says. I smile at him and we walk in.
I look at the prices and damn this stuff is expensive.
"Ooo, Zach, what about a Gucci belt?" Jack says pulling me over to the belt section.
"Babe, it's way to expensive." I complain not wanting him to waste his money on me.
"It's fine." He says.
"Fine, What about this one?" I say pointing at a black belt with two capital 'G's' on it.
"Perfect." He says grabbing it and going up to the clerk.
"450 dollars." The clerk said.
I look at Jack with a 'don't do it' look. He smiles at me and hands the lady his credit card.
I roll my eyes at him.
We left the store.
"Thankyou Jack. I love you."
"Of course babe, I love you too." He responds.
"I need a shirt though." I say.
"You can wear one of my hoodies." Jack says.
"Okay, Thankyou." I say again.
"Of course."

I'm so sick rn, it sucks. I won my volleyball game tho so ig that's good. Our next games against my bullies and I'm hoping we win. They are like twice my height and I'm pretty tall.
Anyways, hope you liked this chapter

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