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After pouring my heart and soul out through tears I manage to fall asleep. But it wasn't a peaceful sleep. I dreamt that Harry and I were walking along a beautiful, white-sanded beach, when the water suddenly turns bloody red and dead bodies lie all over with teeth marks dug deep into their necks. Suddenly, Harry's eyes are the darkest shade of red I've ever seen and his fangs are twice as long as usual. He then throws me in the air before slamming me hard and forcefully against the sand.

"You've been a naughty girl." He smirks and waves his finger in the air.
Then he hisses and shoves his fangs into my neck.

I jump out of bed covered in sweat, my
heart pounding out of my chest. I should be used to the nightmares by now, hell my life is a nightmare. I look at my clock and see that it's only 3a.m. Sighing, I get out of bed and head into my bathroom where I run the warm water before splashing it onto my face. I really don't want to go back to sleep to be engulfed in another horrific nightmare.

Instead, I open my bedroom door and walk out and down the hallway. I don't know what possessed me to do it, but I somehow managed to walk to Harry's bedroom door. So here I am, standing in front of it like an idiot debating on wether or not I should knock. What if he's asleep? I don't want to make him mad. Just then the door swings wide open as Harry looks down at me with a tired expression.

"Skye, what're you doing outside of my door so early?" He impatiently taps the door frame as he awaits my answer.

I nervously shift my weight from one foot to the other. It seems like any kindness that he had earlier has vanished. "I uh-I had a nightmare and I didn't want to go back to bed so I thought I would go for a walk, but I ended up walking to your room." I don't meet his gaze, instead my eyes are focused at a chip in the wall.

"Would you like to come in?" His voice is soft and takes me by surprise. My eyes shoot up to him and I frantically nod. He moves out of the way so I can enter and then he shuts the door.

"Sit on my bed if you'd like, there's not anywhere else to sit except the floor." I see a ghost of a smile on his tired face.

"We're you sleeping?" I suddenly realize that he couldn't of been, vampires don't sleep. But why does he look so tired then?

"Was sleeping." He sits next to me on the bed, I sit criss-crossed and turn my body so I'm now facing him.

"I thought vampires don't sleep?" Harry gets more and more confusing everyday.

"Some do." I could tell that he didn't want to talk, so I started to get up.

"Well I'll let you go back to sleep then. Sorry for waking you." I get up and start to walk away but he reaches out and grabs my hand.

"Wait, you say you had a nightmare? Come, sit, tell me about it." He pats the spot where I was sitting and gives me a dimpled smile. I sit back down and tell him everything, from start to end. His expression is one of neutral, while I'm still horrified. "You know I would never hurt you, right?" His eyes are soft and he reaches out to grasp my hand in his. His hands are cool but it's soothing so I don't pull away.

"Well, yeah I guess." I stare at the wall. Would he hurt me? I mean, I don't think he would. But what if I got him mad enough? I shake my head. No, Harry would not hurt me purposely.

"You guess? Skye, I-you-I don't hurt people that I care about. And believe it or not your the only person that I care about in this world, and the only person that can make me smile, and the only person that makes me feel alive, makes me feel human again. I would never in a million years hurt you, because hurting you means taking away my happiness, and my only reason to get out of bed." His eyes have shifted from anger to vulnerability. I can't help it as a tear begins to roll down my face, my chest hurting. Harry reaches up and gently wipes the tear away.

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